Thursday, August 21, 2014

If You Build It, They Will Come

6 years ago, I was on the school committee. The major claim to fame (and I use the word fame loosely because there were a lot of hurdles to overcome) was that we decided to regionalize.

It was huge.

It was an undertaking.

It lost me some friends.

It gained me some new friends.

We focused on taking the best of 2 school districts and combining them into one absolutely fabulous district.

We agreed to build a new High School.

I got to walk into that High School today. I listened to speeches from a bunch of important people from our Commonwealth. I heard these speeches in the brand new auditorium. The same auditorium where I will watch my daughter in plays and hear her sing. It was very moving. I am so very proud of the efforts I and so many other people put in to see this building come to fruition.

Here are some of the outside views (and yes, the sky cooperated with brilliant clouds).

Can you guess what our mascot is? So cool that someone thought to incorporate it into the bleachers!!

The school is bright, shiny, well thought out and the attention to detail is amazing.

Congratulations Harwich and Chatham on making the best possible school and school district for our children! I may have to figure out how to become a High School teacher instead of an Elementary School teacher :)


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Congratulations, the school looks GORGEOUS! Sharks, but of course! Love our :)

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Love it, I mean! Stupid manfingers, dumbass auto correct.

kk said...

Yay! AWESOME! Jaws would be proud ; )

Melisa Wells said...

Wow, it's awesome! I know it was a long journey for you. So happy for you and the kids who get to learn there!

Anonymous said...

What a GORGEOUS high school!