Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Gal Sal

Happy Birthday to my favorite gal,
My favorite gal is my mom, Sal. 
She's my best friend and partner in most things,
She loves to laugh, but not often sings.

She's the life of a party,
She is quite hardy.
She loves her family most of all,
If we could, we'd throw her a ball.
The princess kind, not the sports type,
She's not into socks with a stripe.

She always has solutions for us,
"You're stressed, you're tired, don't make a fuss."
"Use some old aloe, take some Advil,"
"Who cares if it came from a landfill?"

She's been through more ups than downs,
Therefore, smiles more than frowns.
She loves the beach and the salt air,
She's always up for going to a craft fair.

She's my rock and is always there for me,
No matter the day, she fills me with glee.
I am truly lucky she lives down the street,
Sal's my gal and that, my friends, is sweet!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tears and the giggles, CapeCodTurns! What would I do without my wonderful family! It was such a great day and wouldn't have wanted better! I'm going to look for some lumpy aloe right now! Love you 50 million - all of you!