Friday, May 2, 2008

51-75 things

Very interesting comments ladies! OK, the funny thing about yesterday's post was that I really wanted the 16 Candles clip to be in my list, but I couldn't figure out how to do it and gave up on youtube. I was actually SURPRISED when it popped up on my blog! Glad that you all liked it! "Married, sgheesh!"

Um, this is getting harder, but I will persevere!

51. My favorite talk show is "Ellen".

52. I love to read.
52. Yeah, and write too!
53. I like doing laundry, which is a good thing because I do A LOT of it!
54. I'd rather be outside than inside.
55. My sophomore year at Bates, I ran a balloon business out of my dorm room.

56. 9.5 times out of 10, if I am ordering hard served ice-cream, it will be chocolate-chip.
57. I am addicted to M&M's and would probably be a size 8 if I didn't eat so many a day.
58. I am sarcastic. yeah, surprising.
59. I love Sundays in the summer, because we take a boat to an outer beach with a bunch of friends and have a cookout.
60. Cocktail hours on a deck during the warmer months are pretty great, too.

61. I like to bake chocolate desserts and am pretty good at it.
62. Matt Damon's Mom was my professor in grad. school.
63. I have a ton of allergies and have been getting shots since Aug. The other day, they made me my own unique vial of serum for my shots.
64. Even though we own a herd of horses, horses are one major thing I am allergic to and the main reason I am getting shots.
65. I am not allergic to Bermuda grass and cockroaches. Maybe I should get an appart. in the city and grow Bermuda grass on my patio.
66. I wear reading glasses in lots of different colors.
67. I have a cheap sunglass addiction.
68. I am pretty crafty, especially with fleece.
69. I once was a Kindergarten teacher.
70. My marriage is like a roller coaster ride and sometimes I just want to get off. (Not this week, though)
71. I would like to write a book, someday.
72. I would like to meet Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20.
Yeah, I thought he was hotter with longer hair.
73. I am looking forward to Wii Fit coming out mid-May.
74. I have a labradoodle named Gretel. This is my first dog ever and she is hypo-allergenic.
75. I wish I had started a blog years ago, because I love it so much!

Busy day tomorrow, but I will try to come up with the last 25 and then actually post them inbetween B's soccer game and K's spa birthday party at the Oooolala XXXXXX spa. Yeah, that would be our living room. Happy Weekend!!


OHmommy said...

I wish I would have started blogging earlier too.

1. I would have remembered more about

2. I was so incredibly bored with just one baby

Wendi said...

I agree with you and OHMommy!
I love this list too...and again more commonalities!
I have yet to write my 100th post...I doubt I am even close to it. I did however write a "38 things you may not know about me" post in honor of my 38th birthday. You can read it on my blog. April 7th post. I have no idea how to link in a comment section. Have a great weekend!

KathyLikesPink said...

You're a tough act to follow! Eagerly anticipating the last 25.

Laski said...

I knew I like you for many, many reasons . . .

#s 52,53,57--horrible addiction!,61--I'll be happy to help you dispose of those, 62--is just plain cool, 67--yay, I'm not alone!, 69--me, high school, 71, 75.

scargosun said...

Can I bring you my laundry? I am kinda like Kate on Jon and Kat Plus 8. I don't mind washing it, I HATE folding and putting it away.

Wineplz said...

yeah, he definitely looks better with longer hair.