Friday, May 30, 2008

Ride Like the Wind

Thank God I don't have to type with my thighs tonight! Yeah, 27 miles on my bike with the 5th graders today has done me in. "The ole body ain't like it used to be". However, I did it and did it respectably. I think I went up a few notches in K's eyes. I know she impressed me! I knew she could ride a horse for 27 miles, no problem, but I was a little worried about the bike. Not only did she do the ride, she made it to Hip Hop dress rehearsal even! Here is our day in a nutshell, minus the 50 other kids and 30 or so "helper "teacher/parents.
The bikes, fresh and waiting for their riders!
Riders, start your motors! I mean legs!
My kooky aunt sent this helmet cover to K. I decided to wear it. It provided people with much humor!
You would think she was the only one on the ride. Not true. And hey, yay me, I took this while riding and holding the camera!

13.5 miles and we made it to lunch!

K, cousin C and Newfie Lily at the lunch stop.
K and me, getting psyched for the ride back!
And we're off! I cracked up at what some of the kids were wearing. Some of the girls were wearing jean shorts or jean capris. Some kids had on fleece. It was a beautiful 65-70 degree day. Some real bikers wore "the shorts" ( I wish I had me a pair of those!). We wore PMC ride shirts donated by Stop and Shop. The PMC is the Pan Mass Challenge, a Mass fundraiser for cancer. And here is K's trick she picked up along the way from one of the parents (thanks Jeff!).
It is called highway riding. She was real swervy while trying this which made me oh so nervous. I did learn that when K is angry or frustrated, she rides real hard. She wasn't mad at me, but one of her friends kept riding ahead of her. No wonder her legs are tired tonight! I have 2 more years to practice before B gets to do this! I don't think I will start tomorrow, though!


scargosun said...

Hey! Was that the rail trail? I love using that when we are up there. P took G-dog a couple times too.

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Yes, it's the rail trail. So pretty and gives one a chance to see lakes, trees, cranberry bogs at one's leisure!

Anonymous said...

I'm going with the assumption that you made a typo and intended to say the ride was 2.7 miles. That would make me feel sooo very much better about myself.

As Cape Cod Turns said...

27 very long miles. No typo. My legs were hurting that night, but I was good to go the next morning! Thankfully, not near a bike, though.

Wendi said...

27 miles?
I would be hospitalized for sure!
Way to go SUE!!!

KathyLikesPink said...

Wow, great pics! Looks like a wonderful day. I'm so impressed you did this!

And am still laughing about typing with your thighs!)

Buford Betty said...

I just love your daughter's curly red hair! She is too cute in her helmet! What a fun fam activity...

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