Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The problem with the baby coyotes in these pictures is:
a. their mom is no where to be seen, thus making me question her responsibility as a parent
b. they are not exactly smiling for my camera. My kids know, you see the camera, you smile.
c. they are frolicking in my front yard and there are really 7 of them.
d. they are looking for my dog for a playmate (or lunch).

The answer is....


Who the heck told coyote-ville that they could hang out in my yard? Who told them they could wake me up every night when they kill something for dinner? Why did God make such a nasty animal so cute as a pup?


KathyLikesPink said...

Oh boy. We hear coyotes at night but I have never seen them on our property...yet.

I would totally freak if I had them in my yard - let alone 7! SHEESH!

Jules said...

One of the joys of not living smack dab in the middle of a crowded city. But just think........ they feed the mosquitos. All seven of them. And they keep the bunnies from nibbling up your garden. And they provide you with great pictures. :)

See? Don't you feel much better now?

Oh. And you know that meme that you gave me? Yes, a while ago. Well, woo hoo! Its finally up!

scargosun said...

I'm with Jules. I have a soft spot for the coyotes after reading "The Daily Coyote." You should check it out.

Laski said...

Wow! And I though a bunch of deer in my backyard was cool . . . I think that might freak me out!

They are gorgeous . . .

Wendi said...

They are seriously in your front yard?
And you have a dog and children?
I might have to move...cute or not!

Buford Betty said...

OK that is scary! I've heard about incidences on the news in the metro (Atlanta) area where peoples' doggies were attacked by wild coyotes.