Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day all you Dad's out there! We are having a big surf and turf feast at my parents tonight celebrating the men in the family....3 fathers and 2 birthdays. Here is a little letter to my Dad....

Dear Dad,

Remember when I was relatively little and you would come home from work and sit with the paper and a cocktail and I would crawl up on your lap? Of course, I
crawled through your crossed legs to get there.

Remember playing catch for all hours so I could throw better than most boys I knew? Sorry about all the times I made your hand burn.

Remember all those early morning drives to ski races in the sun, snow, rain, ice

Remember how Karen, Tommy and I would tell you the feeling of being in the
starting gate was a mix of fear, excitement, needing to pee and wanting to kick
butt all at the same time? Of course you do because, to understand us, you
started racing yourself. And only then did you truly understand the starting
gate issues.

Remember body surfing in the waves on Ogunquit Beach? No matter how cold the
water, we would go in and surf for hours.

Remember the talks we use to have while you were outside BBQ-ing? You had your
timer so that the steaks would cook exactly right.

Remember how on my birthdays you would give me a certificate for a special
dinner just me and you? And sometimes we would go to Chez Claudes?

Remember those "talks" we would have at the kitchen table? I would always cry
even if there was nothing to cry about.

Remember when I asked you in the car one time if it was really ok to have sex before I got
married? How many girls can say they could talk to their dads about that? I am
grateful that I was.

Remember the red pen you would use to correct my writing? Don't pull it out on
this please!

Remember all the early morning walks we have had?

Remember the time you told Melissa and I how disappointed you were at us because
we had let boys in the house when you and mom were out at dinner and we weren't
suppose to? Being disappointed in us was way worse than any spanking or

Remember the poem you wrote for my wedding? You wrote one because I was always
writing them.

Remember how when you went on business trips, you always used to bring me a little trinket home?

Remember all Dr's offices we have sat in together?

Believe it or not, I remember all these things and more. You are the best Dad
anyone could ask for. You are loyal, trustworthy, dependable, smart, funny
(although you could show that a little more often), always have great advice and
are a true friend. There was a reason we danced to Wind Beneath My Wings at my
wedding. You are my hero and you have given me so much.

Thanks Dad! I love you, Cubushka


MsFish said...

***SNIFF!*** Glad to see you are tapping in to your sensitive side a little more! And I thought I was the emotional one! That letter was a DOOZY! You totally kicked my butt for father's day this year! :) And the funny thing is I remember so many of those things you listed too! We are very lucky girls! :)

Anonymous said...

You girls are indeed lucky along with your brother. Dad will love that S and I will print it and put it where he will see it in the morning. It is nice to write like that when he can hear what you have to say. What a great family we have. Love you. ME

Wineplz said...

aw geez...makin' me tear-up at work! Very sweet letter.

scargosun said...

That is such a great pic of you guys!!! I am jealous of the feast you described.

Wendi said...

That was the sweetest post.
I love that beautiful tribute to your father.
Great photo too.
You are blessed indeed.

anjer said...

hi sue! very nice to e-meet you! i am looking forward to the swap! your blog is fun so thanks for giving me something to read whilst "working" :)

Cristin said...

That was very sweet. I've lived near (very near) The Cape my whole life... nice to meet ya neighbor!

Betsy, short for Elizabeth, formally known as Esther said...

Um, I am blubbering.

You are so very lucky indeed! So beautiful.