Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer days

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It's been a tough week here on Cape Cod (read with much sarcasm). It's best to explain through pictures though.

Went to a pool in Brewster with friends...
B and W had some fun on Sweetheart.
I had some icecream on the beach (in a cone even!).
B and W waved Captain Dave in to port.
Captain Dave took on a big sand sucker upper boat. (It is dredging the harbor so the boats can actually get through). Captain D's boat survived.
My sister and Captain Dave made dinner one night. This will make you want to come over.

Picture removed due to my sister's urging (as in I will hunt you down if you don't take that off!)

Went to Water Wizz with the cousins and spent the whole day laughing about having to take a wizz at Water Wizz. All the cousins got temp. tattoos.

And Amy's son C was this happy I made brownies for the pool today.
Yeah, living the summer high life on Cape Cod. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it and it may as well be me!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

My mom always said, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.


(can you tell I'm jealous?)

Caution/Lisa said...

I am sorry that you've had such a trying week. Hope next week is MUCH better!

Was your sister grilling the Wheat Thins?

MsFish said...

Really?! Did you HAVE to put that picture up. Could I BE any prettier?!

KathyLikesPink said...

Dang now I really want to see that pic of your sis. But I understand sisterly threats and blackmail.

I hope the weather next week is as good as you show it this week! I am SO COUNTING THE DAYS!!!!

Anonymous said...

The photos of the kids are GREAT!

I'd forgotten how blue the water on the Cape is this time of year. :-)

Cristin said...

Water Wizz!! That's really close to where I live... and I've never been...Yeah... Wizzzzzz... that's all I have to say about that.....

Wendi said...

Sounds like a perfect summer!
Hope it continues!

Wineplz said...

water wizz? really? that's hilarious!