Thursday, August 7, 2008

Living the American Dream

We are taking a break this morning from "showing C, our french student, everything American in 3 weeks" and teaching her the blessed activity of hanging out in one's pjs and doing nothing. I am feeling a little guilty because I should be doing something, but trying to post and catch up on a few blogs was a little more important. Let's just call it my job and pretend I get paid for keeping you all amused.

C is a very sweet girl and always asking me if she can help. I think her parents gave her the notion that she was to be Cinderella in my home. Not true! Although having Cindi for a few weeks wouldn't be bad either. Anyway, we have gone to 2 days of my brother's bike ride, the beach a few times,

mini golfing,

go cart riding, Pizza Hut,

ice-cream, Water Wizz on a cold, cloudy day,

Target, the mall, Dunkin Donuts and Burger King. She has learned how to eat a meal in the car on the go, she has learned about donuts and thinks they are delicious and learned the same about bagels, and I am pretty sure she has a good grasp that my family is crazy. Poor girl. I really do wonder what is going on in her head.

I do know that at her house, the family sits down to a meal together and discusses books. I took 6 kids, (C and her sister I{she is staying with another family in Chatham}, my 2 girls and my 2 nephews) to WaterWizz, Friendly's, and Target. The main theme of discussion was pretty much anything that had to do with bodily excrements and bodily noises.

So, yes, now that I think about it, a day of rest is probably good for all. I have to gear up for the next 2 weeks of "how to live like an American".


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

What an awesome experience. I bet y'all will have as many fantastic memories as C will.

Looks like fun is being had by all. I think learning to eat in the car is the best!


(and damn, I miss donuts...I hate Atkins)

Buford Betty said...

How very cool! She'll remember this experience for the rest of her life. My bestest spent time in Brazil around that age, with a family - and still talks about it.

scargosun said...

She looks like she is having a fabulous time! What else is on your 'American' schedule?

Melisa Wells said...

How fun! Your daughters will probably, after this, be totally obsessed with anything French. (I speak from experience.) ;)

Caution/Lisa said...

I am clearing my schedule right now. I am free to be your next exchange student starting September 2. Let's just be sure we put Friendly's first on my list of visits.

KathyLikesPink said...

They sit at the table and discuss books? Srsly? I'm wicked impressed.

Staying with you sounds like a great experience for her - lighten things up a bit! One thing we Americans do well, is have fun.

Wineplz said...

so glad you fed that girl a donut! :) That, and the waterpark, scream "welcome to America". :)