Saturday, November 29, 2008

Disney Vacation: Animal Kingdom

OK, back to vacation. We will have been home one week tomorrow and I feel as if we went away 4 months ago. Thanksgiving was great, shopping at 5:15 Friday morning was great, my nap yesterday afternoon was great.....

Some people diss the Animal Kingdom because they don't think there is enough to do there or enough rides or something. We happen to love it! B is really into animals, especially giraffes, and DH and K love scary rides and Everest is one of the scariest of them all! My tip for AK is to get there right when it opens and ride the jungle safari ride. That is when you will see most of the animals because they have just been fed. Everest is the new ride at the park and it is roller coaster scary. I don't do rollercoasters. One night we ate at the AK Lodge which was beautiful and I guess during the day when it is not pitch black out you can see animals from all the windows!

A baby giraffe..
A baby elephant..
A large gorilla. Their fur turns gray at about 12 years of age. Tough to get old.
A magestic tiger.
B and a giraffe head. (So it was a little cold the morning we went!)
The tree of life that has hundreds of animals carved into it.
Why did Tinkerbelle land on Tiggers foot?
Because she didn't want to step on Pooh!
This was freaky tree lady. She was dressed like a tree/vine thing and was wrapping herself around this pole. Do you think they picked her out of a strip bar for her excellent pole work?
Rain ponchos a must for the white water rafting ride!!!
Everest in the background.
K with a friend from the petting zoo.

2 more parks to go. Nothing like dragging my vacation out for you!


Vodka Mom said...

screw those other people, we LOVED the Animal Kingdom, too!!!

Melisa Wells said...

I liked the Animal Kingdom the second time I went because more features were open than the first time, but I think it's got a ways to go...

I love the water rapids ride!