Friday, December 11, 2009

Frag'n Friday!

Friday Fragments?
You thought I would forget today was Friday, didn't you? How could I miss a Friday, it is my mom's favorite post of the week. Go on over to Mrs. 4444s and see all the other people who shed random thoughts on Fridays!

*Christmas is 2 weeks from today. Holy Sh*$, Batman!

*My house has thrown up Christmas all over it. I actually have 3 trees. That's right. I admit it. 3 trees. 1 real, 2 fake. And enough ornaments to cover them all. I'll post some pictures next week.

*Happy Hanukah to my Jewish friends and Happy Birthday to my Weasel friend!

*Winter greeted us without warning today. Hello 27 degrees with a wind chill in the ones. Yeah, crap it was cold and I had to sell hamburgers OUTSIDE tonight because it was the town's Christmas stroll. Is that legal, holding a Christmas stroll on the first night of Hanukah?

*My thoughts on that certain golf pro that has been in the news lately have been far and wide. When it first happened, I said to my mom that they are going to spin it that he is a sex addict and needs to go into recovery. Remember David Duchovny did that and then all was right in his little world? Well, wouldn't you know, I should win some sort of award (preferably money) because all I have heard all week is about how he is a sex addict. Whatever you call it, Elin should take the kids, a good chunk of change and those clubs and run.

*OK, really I should be concentrating on getting all my Christmas cards out instead of blogging. I think they came out pretty good year. I'll let you see them closer to Christmas.

Happy Weekend!!!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

You had to work outside in that cold? oh heck no!!! I'd die!!!

I cant believe its 2 weeks to Christmas too!!!

Manic Mommy said...

I said sex addict too! And I gotta tell you? Based on the skanks parading through the news? He really may be.

Oh, and David Duchovny? I hate to admit it but that idea made him just a little bit hotter in my (sick, twisted) mind.

Hitting publish before I delete that last paragraph.

Mrs4444 said...

Yikes. You're such a trooper; good job on the burger selling.

Tiger...If only every man who cheated found himself under such scrutiny; there might be less infidelity in the world, haha.

Christmas Better send me your address...

Anonymous said...

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Justine said...

I wanna see your trees! You can't tell us that you have 3 and then show us NONE! And I love your new profile picture! Heeheeheeeeee

Justine :o )

Evansmom said...

It is cold, isn't it? Brr.

I am surprised to see very few negative remarks about the women that Tiger slept with. Hey, they knew he was married - they were cheating too.

Momo Fali said...

Brrrrr! Didn't the burgers freeze?