Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Things

Did this on FB this week, so I thought I would be lazy and share on here too.

1. I started a blog last year and I love it. (www.ascapecodturns.blogsp
2. I have made many new friends on my blog whom I have never seen in person.
3. I love stationary stores. Something about all the paper, pens, stickers, books...
4. I take some pretty decent photos and at times have sold them.
5. My family is the most important thing to me in the world.
6. My friends are a close second.
7. M&Ms and chocolate chip ice cream would probably tie for 3rd.
8. Winter is not as fun when you can't ski everyday like you (I) used to.
9. I do like sledding with my girls though.
10. I would love to meet Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty.
11. When I was younger, I was in love with Eric from the Bay City Rollers.
12. I have one friend from first grade. (Yes, she used to love the Bay City Rollers, too.)
13. I have been in 6 weddings.
14. I have been to France twice.
15. I do not drink caffeine, nope not even coffee.
16. I love the beach any time of the year.
17. Ogunquit Beach (Maine) is the best beach in the country. Since I live on Cape Cod, I can't shout that from the rooftops.
18. I never had braces, but kind of wish I had.
19. I hope I can get at least one book published in my life time.
20. I love the 4th of July!
21. I want my kids to do things that they love, be happy and compassionate.
22. For pets I have a bunch of fish, a labradoodle, 7 horses and a goat named Millie.
23. I am allergic to all things furry amongst a host of other things which makes #22 ridiculous.
24. My house may not be neat, but my closets are.
25. I can't imagine living somewhere where I couldn't see the ocean whenever I wanted.

Oh and an update on Gretel... She is feeling better on her antibiotics. She does not have any major disease, just fighting some sort of infection. Thanks for all your good wishes!!!


scargosun said...

I wish I lived closer to you. We have so much in common and then I'd also be on the Cape too. :)

Mags said...

I just LOVE the beach and wish I lived near one like you.

I grew up in NYC, and spent every weekend and the whole Summer at the Hamptons beaches. My folks still have their place, and we rent one nearby for a month or so every July. I'm trying to see if we can wing it for the whole Summer this year. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Anonymous said...

AND a bunny ~~~~

Caution/Lisa said...

I think you crossed brainwaves with me. When I first started getting asked to do the 25 list on FB, I thought, "If I'm going to go to all that trouble, I might as well put the list on the blog!" Of course, I never got around to writing the list...

The good news is the LOVED the Bay City Rollers.

Laski said...

The last one . . . I have always live NEAR a body of water.

Lake St. Clair (MI)
Lake MI (IL)
The Chattahoochee (AL/GA)
The Ohio River (OH)

Yeah, not that impressive, eh?

I didn't think so either . . .

k a t i e said...

7 horses, hey....!

I couldn't agree with #25 more. I've only seen Cape Cod in movies (I know, I know...sad) but it is on my top ten places to visit when I finally make my trip to the US :)