Monday, January 26, 2009


I cannot think of anything to write about tonight. It is cold outside, DH is fishing, hopefully he is not icefishing 100 miles off shore. B was home sick today. I think Gretel is sick too. How do you know if your dog is sick? She is either under the weather or has seasonal depression disorder. She's doing all the regular eating, drinking, peeing thing, but something is just not right. Hmm.

Yesterday the girls made a car out of our 2 office rolling chairs and attached a baby stroller to the back. I think it wound up being an SUV. It was complete with seatbelts(scarves) and cup holders. They informed me that they were coming through the drive through to get their lunch. They placed their order, and proceeded to window number 1 where I collected their "credit cards" and told them to proceed to window 2. There I gave them their wrapped grilled cheese, apple slices, chips, soda and lemonade. They ate in their "car" at the kitchen table. These are the times that my heart grows 15 times. I just love that they play together and enjoy each other and are so creative! They are certainly not perfect, but times like these, they come pretty close!

Have you ever put Wallies on your walls? They are like little wallpaper cut outs. Well they go on really easily, but don't come off very easily. I now have stubs for thumb nails. 

If your daughter wears an extra small at Aeropostale you can get really cute tshirts there today for $1.99. 

Have you ever played the game Catch Phrase? It is a riot! We played it this weekend with some friends and were in hysterics. This game has caused me to wet my pants more than once.

I've emptied my head, I think I can go to bed now.


Mary Ellen said...

I love that your children play like that. It reminds me of my kids making forts out of blankets, chairs, tables, cardboard boxes and anything else they could find. It's so much better than sitting in front of a video game or computer all day!

Melisa Wells said...

I only wish my boys were that creative together. (They are creative *apart*, but in different ways)

Heck, I wish they'd just get along better! :)

Dysd Housewife said...

My kids play like that..picture Punch & Judy. hahaha.

Vodka Mom said...

If only they WOULD shop there instead of Abercrombie- my life would be easier.

Sarah Clapp said...

That's awesome that they play so well together, and that they are such great friends. May they be like that always!