Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa....Here We Come!

Regardless of yesterday's mishaps, the fam-damily is heading to Florida tomorrow! Well actually, Matt is heading there today and the girls and I, tomorrow. Yeah, nothing is easy in this house.

We were all booked together, when we found out the day of K's talent show would be today. Yeah, I get the good mom award for switching our flight until tomorrow. Well, I had to switch me and both girls because I made our reservations together and then when Matt decided he was coming too, I made a reservation for him. The airline would not let me switch just me and K, had to switch B too. So, Matt's parents get a day of him before the rest of the insanity ensues.

Matt's parents have been gone since the beginning of February so it will be good to see them! They live near Melbourne, so if any of you have any fun filled things to do around there, let me know. I know we are going to the zoo, Ron Jon's Surf Shop and Coldstone Creamery on the beach. Yes, we have our priorities! I must sit at the beach for at least 2 hours. Oh, yeah, and they have Super Walmarts near by.....ooooh I could spend the day in there!

What we will not be doing is going to Disney. Our Orlando time will be spent flying in and out of the airport. We love Disney so much, but we refuse to go on holiday weeks. Call me a Disney snob, but it is so much more fun and relaxing when you go at an off time. We will, of course, enjoy the Disney store at the airport and "pretend" that we went to the parks.

I'll post if I can find some wifi down there. They have that in Florida, right?


Coffee Slut said...

Have a great trip!

Melisa Wells said...

Have an awesome time!

Hey, grab one of those 51-cent pennies at Ron Jon: they're great for giveaways! :)

(I seriously don't know if Ron Jon has those, probably not. But the thought of it is funny, right?)

WeaselMomma said...

Have a great vacation!

Becky said...

Have a great trip! Perfect time to be in the South - may all the mud dry up while you are away.

Miss you!

SurprisedMom said...

Have a wonderful vacation! And, yes, you do get Mom of the Year award.

Laski said...

I am so with you! The best time to visit is OFF times.

I mean, if I could just get the entire park to myself--pure bliss.

Safe travels . . .