Thursday, June 25, 2009

Galveston, day 2

What is wrong with my internal clock that makes me get up around 5 or 6 even when I am on "vacation"? That is why it is no problem posting while in Texas. I am up for at least 2 hours before anyone else and there is no laundry to do or dishes to wash or vacuuming....well I guess if I offered, I could do that here at the hotel. I am waiting for the sun to come up so I can take a drive and see some more of this island. They are really just starting to come back from hurricane Ike. I guess the whole island was covered in 4 feet of water. The people who had the brilliant idea of building massive hotels on piers over the ocean are probably rethinking their brillance.

We went to Moody Gardens yesterday which was like a museum with a rainforest, aquarium, dinosaur and bone area and beach. It was pretty cool and had lots of beautiful vegetation. I have pictures, but I am having trouble loading the internet on my computer, so am using the germy hotel computer.

B on the couch with "daddy"

Holy tree frogs, Batman!
The best part was taking B, Br, and J into a special penguin adventure. We got to sit in a room with a penguin and pet it! I used to teach about penguins way back when when I was an actual teacher, so it was really cool to be up close with one (named Babe). Babe is a King Penguin. As a side note, there was an OBNOXIOUS grandmother in this room with her 2 year old granddaughter. She had a really weird accent so I have no idea where she came from, maybe Mars, but she spoke to the 2 year old the whole time. "Oh Maddy, mommy wants a picture of you holding the penguin. What Maddy can't hold the penguin? Oh Maddy, mommy is going to be so disappointed that you couldn't hold the penguin. Can I get a picture of her with the penguin? I can't get up from my spot? Oh Maddy, I only got a picture of your hand on the penguin. Maybe that nice lady over there will take your picture and email me a copy of you with the penguin?"
If I were to shoot anything, it would have been her. I think the girl in charge was fed up with her too. Evidently penguins can bite and are not the nice furry things you saw in Happy Feet.
"Babe" the penguin

Aren't their feet cute?
The room was about 40 degrees and Babe flapped her wings to keep cool while the kids were under fleece blankets!
The rest of the team arrived after being delayed in the airport for 2 hours, 45 min on the runway, and hour and 1/2 bus ride. The only thing that was missing was the train. Coach Joe had practice for 1 1/2 hours. We saw the best team in the country practice. They have to be the best team in the country because they have a pretty bad name... the Bouncing Bulldogs. Have you ever seen a bulldog bounce? Do they bounce if they are thrown out a second story window? Anyway, they were amazing and after I picked my jaw up from the floor, I went to Target with S-in-law, Kathryn, and friend, Kate. Target is amazingly similar all across the country. It was set up exactly like every other T I have been in. I just find that a little weird and a little corporate.

Try picking up dinner for 18 at the Chili's take out. I have to give Chili's credit...they got the order right!

Today we start the speed competion at 5pm. This will go until about 10 pm. Then we have to be back tomorrow for more speed and freestyle at 7 am. I am sorry, but do the organizers of this shindig know that they are dealing with a lot of 7-10 year olds, not just teenagers? B and her group of double dutch speed are suppose to be on around 8:30 tonight. Coach Joe told us to let the kids "sleep in" this morning. They are kids who know that there is an awesome pool with in reach and you want them to sleep in? Obviously I didn't get the memo on the sleep in thing. I got up thinking there was too much to blog about and too much of the island I haven't seen and photographed yet. Oy.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

So you're NOT bringing me home a penquin??? Seriosuly?



Mary Ellen said...

It sounds like a fun time so far - good luck tonight!

SurprisedMom said...

Good luck tonight!

You sound like you're having a wonderful time so far. I hope it continues!

Melisa Wells said...

I hope it went well!!

The penguins sounded fun, except for Maddy and grandma.

I can't wait for pictures!!!

P.S. I can never sleep in on vacation either. We're going to be a mess at BlogHer. haha

Evansmom said...

This sounds like a fun trip and a great experience for the kids. Enjoy!

Vodka Mom said...

yeah, i hear you. I am waking up every morning at 5:30.


Caution/Lisa said...

You really got to sit in a room with a penguin and they BITE? Why, then, would they allow kids to sit with one and pet it? Keep having fun and good luck to the team!

Mrs4444 said...

Sounds exciting! I'm sure it will be a memorable trip for the kids :)

P.S. And I loved "the only thing I'd be shooting" comment. FUnny!