Friday, November 6, 2009

Frag'n Friday!

Friday Fragments?

Welcome to a special addition of Friday Fragments. Why is it so special you ask? Well it is Melisa With One S's birthday today!!! It is also K's half birthday! Go spread the birthday love around and stop by Mrs. 4444's to tell her I puffy heart her, too.

*We were driving to the dentist yesterday and passed a car from C-lab. C-lab is a place that draws blood, takes pee etc... K could not believe that their was actual blood in the car with some older man driving it.
"Ted Kennedy had more security around him and he was dead! This guy is driving people's BLOOD with no security or armored car!!!!"
She doesn't come out with one liners too often, but when she does, they are good!

*She also told me that some kid got busted in school for having soda in his locker. Evidently he had like 7 sodas in his locker and was handing them out to his friends. The guidance counselor confiscated them. The science teacher explained to him that sodas were unhealthy. And he came back with, "Well 2 of them were healthy, they were grape!"

*My father in law was "Quahoggin' Mama" for Halloween. I have no words other than what a good sport.
*I know you all love Gretel and she's always into something.... Here's the latest. Once again I left her in the backyard (you would think I would have learned my lesson). She is attached to a 40ft wirey thing and has the run of the backyard. When I looked out the window to find her, I couldn't see her anywhere.

Yup, she had dug herself a nice little tunnel under the deck. I literally had to pull her out.

*She is a very patient dog for the most part.....

*I am doing a little better getting to people's blogs sooner than later. I am also enjoying checking out some new blogs, courtesy of all the bloggers doing Georgie and Amy's Secret Santa (see button above). I do love Christmas and a little birdie told me today it is in 50 days! Ack, get me to the mall!!!!!

*Oh, if you need any seaside holiday ideas, check out my friend Becky's etsy shop or her blog. She is one of the most talented people I know (and really nice too!).

Happy Weekend!!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

I love your fur baby!!!! How cute & lovable!!!

Melisa Wells said...

That tiara is AWESOME!!! :)
Thanks for everything!

That last picture is HYSTERICAL. Love it! She looks like one of those body pillows!

won said...

Ahh....grape soda. Who'd have thunk it?

Thanks for the tip.

Megan said...

Flipping through from SSS! Love the pic of your dad, too funny!

Happy weekend!!

mub said...

Haha your dog is so funny! I can't believe how much she DIGS!

Justine said...

OMG, Gretel is soooooo cute, but I can't believe she dug herself under there. She must have been filthy!

Justine :o )

Kritta22 said...

Oh your puppy is too stinking cute!

stopping over from SSS! Your blog is too cute!

Unknown said...

Hi. I want to buy scollops from the shanty please contact me A.S.A.P.

Mrs4444 said...

Your Just wow. heehee

Enjoyed your friend's cards, photos, and braiding ability :)

The dog? Wow on that one, too! The brat!

Heather said...

Gretel is like the coolest dog EVER! Seriously!

And yes, I MUST get to the mall as WELL!

Prairiemaid said...

Love your blog! I can see where your FIL would leave you at a loss for words.

I'm another SSS'er. I will be back!

Rebecca said...

SUE!!! Just now saw this! Thanks you so much for the rock! Hope you are all doing well...hope to see you soon....and I will call if I need help...promise!