Friday, November 20, 2009

Frag'n Friday!

Frag'n Friday: Bits and pieces of news in a post, so you can start your weekend empty minded. Go check out Mrs. 4444's, she's written her 71st Friday Fragment!

Friday Fragments?

*Is it wrong that I am jamming out to HS musical while I am writing this. Yes, it is hard to sing, dance and type all at the same time. "I'm absolutely fabulous...." (That is the song, I am not bragging.)

*Are Thanksgiving and Christmas on some sort of an Accela train? I feel I am way behind already and it's only mid November!!

*Speaking of that, I wrote a list of things last night to do this morning before I leave for a jump rope workshop in CT with B, after school. I have done a bunch of things since I have been up (5:30), but none of them were on my list!!! Ugh, I will have to write them down and cross them out anyway.

*Any suggestions on what to get tween girls for Christmas? Let me rephrase that, something that doesn't cost over $500! And they already have horses, so keep that off the list.
"Daddy, I want a pony!" (hear English accent, with foot stomp)

*The funniest damn thing that happened this week, happened to a friend of mine. She was out to dinner with some other friends (why the heck wasn't I invited? Just kidding, I let her go out with other people once a month). Anyway, after dinner, she ordered, "Coffee with Bailey's on the side."

The waitress brought her coffee with 2 Bay leaves on the side.
Yeah, that's yummy, right?

*Happy Weekend!!!!!!


Martha said...

Happy Friday...

I've got a "tween" she keeps going between lots of "Little" stuff for Christmas and big ticket items... she's got an iphone, ipod, laptop, camera, flip video... and so much more, what could she possibly need. Oh, she wants that PONY, and another puppy, and another kitty. We're at our pet limit though! Good luck!

I love Fabulous from HSM. We are "over" Disney, so I haven't heard that lately!


won said...

The thing with feeling behind for the holiday seems like from here....if we blink three times, it will be here.

Once Halloween comes, it feels like fast forward to Christmas all the way!

Cat said...

The coffee with bay leaves actually made me LOL. NICE.

Jen said...

Coffee with bay leaves, now that's funny. LOL!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Coffee is gross to begin with. But coffee with bay leaves? NASTY!!!!

Hallie :)

Caution/Lisa said...

That coffee story is funny and you know the kitchen staff was all talking about her, too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll go there for dinner tonight and ask for the same thing.

Unknown said...

OMGosh that is hysterical about the baileys vs bay leaves LMAO

I have a tween and could give you some ideas but these girls are so moody and change their minds every 5 mins I am affraid anything advice i offered would be ummm 'so yesterday' LOL

April said...

coffee w/ bay leaves is hysterical! Or, as my 12-yr-old would say, hilarious. It's her favorite word these days.
How about a mani/pedi outing? Also, purple and black seems to be all the rage right now.

April said...

I forgot to add, happy FF!

Confessions From A Work-At-Home Mom said...

That bay leaves thing is too funny. Who on EARTH would misunderstand that? Too silly.

Don't feel bad for rocking out to HSM. I love me some Zac Efron (who is no longer jail bait, I might add...)


annies home said...

coffee and bay leaves wow what a combo

Justine said...

OMG, bay leaves? How stupid was that waitress?
Mikayla, at 12, wants nothing but an ipod touch. Well, that and makeup and clothes and a whole bunch other things. But the ipod is the only thing she REALLY wants.

Justine :o 0

Stacy Uncorked said...

I think Thanksgiving and Christmas are some sort of Accela train. I'm way behind already, too!

Save any good ideas you get for your tween girls - when Princess Nagger gets to that stage, I'm going to need lots of ideas! ;)

The coffee with bay leaves was hysterical!!

Happy FF! :)

Mrs4444 said...

Oh, man, that's funny!

Mrs4444 said...

Oops. I wasn't done! Poor waitress must have felt stupid when she realized what she did.

I was going to say a Flip video camera--they're awesome, but then I see Martha beat me to it. I-tunes, B & N GC. GC to one of those pottery-painting places? (love the added accent and food stomp, BTW) :)

Hope the workshop is fun!

mub said...

I don't envy you trying to figure out a good tween present. I'd be pretty clueless.

I think I missed all of September and October. I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...
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