Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bates or Bust!

Today, I took my girls to Bates for the first time. I cannot believe that it was the first time I took them there. We are staying with my roommate from Bates and her family for a few days. Beck had to go check on her nordic ski team and the girls and I needed lunch. B had heard me talking about the "cereal wall" since I had gone up to Bates in May with Lisa Genova. So, it was natural for us to hit the commons area for lunch.

I have never seen my girls so excited about food. This was like Disney World to them. (Cheaper, too) They could not believe that you could get what you wanted, eat it and then GO BACK FOR MORE! Plus, Bates has done an amazing job with their new cafeteria. There are all sorts of ethnic areas of food, ice-cream, the cereal wall, toast, bagels, fruit, a gluten free section, a vegan section, pizza, salad bar and my favorite, the pastry/dessert area.

The girls were in awe.

Just look at B in front of the cereal wall.

She had cereal, then ice cream, then she went back for roast beef and hash browns. Yeah, not kidding.

K was giddy and started with cereal, then burnt 4 pieces of toast until she got the 5th one right, then moved on to ice cream and swore that the Sierra Mist was the best that she ever had. They even said that they wished they lived closer so they could eat there a few times a week. The conveyer belt that they put their dirty dishes on was the cherry on top.

We only had time to check out the swimming pool for B and the track for K and the hockey rink that is new since I had gone there. We did get to pose by "ski team rock" for a photo. (The ski team used to meet at this rock every day for practice before the bobcat statue became a fixture.)

Yup, future Batesies. At $50,000 a year, someone is going to need to hit the lottery BIG time! Or maybe I could start grooming them for scholarships now. Either way, I won't have to worry about them starving if they go here!


Evansmom said...

Great post! $50K X 4 x 2 - Yup, you better be buying lottery tickets. A college education is crazy expensive. :(

Melisa Wells said...

Just ride 'em on their grades through high school!

Also, private colleges often give enough financial aid to make the cost comparable with state schools...as you know, I'm in the thick of this right now! :)

Justine said...

What exactly IS this Bates place? I wanna eat there!!!!

Justine :o )

Caution/Lisa said...

I hate to think what would happen to me with eating opportunities like that.

Evansmom said...

Check out my blog. I left some sunshine for you!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Sue thanks for your kind words on my blog I really appreciate it. I'm gonna dream of the cereal wall...did they have lucky charms thats my fav. Cereal here is not the same. Have a wonderful weekend.