Friday, February 5, 2010

Frag'n Friday!

Mommy's Idea

Fridays are fragment days according to Mrs. 4444's. So, when it comes to her, I frag as I am told! Technically this is being posted on Saturday, shhh, don't tell on me.

*I passed a hotel called the John Edwards Hotel today. Huh. This struck me as funny for some reason. Like, he can't be president so now he owns a hotel. Do they have hourly rates? Sorry, just me being mean.

*The Women of Fishing Families is having it's second annual Mustachio Bashio. Guys sign up clean shaven and a month later come back and flash their stash. Some of the guys really got into it last year and dressed in character to try and win the big prize. I went and ordered the tshirts today. Some of you got emails from me begging for a slogan. We wound up with "Eat, drink and be hairy" for the guys shirt and "Eat, drink and love hairy" for the women's shirts. Overall, not a big fan of the 'stash, but it is an amusing way to pass a month of the winter. It's funny to see the guys walking around town trying to grow hair!

*Has anyone had their eyebrows threaded? A friend of mine LOVES it, but I am not convinced. I think just seeing people have it done in the middle of the mall is yucky. She asked her son if he wanted to have his chin threaded and he said, "No Mom, I do not want to have my chin threaded at the mall." There's a sentence I never thought I would hear.

*Hallie (at Wonderful World of Wieners) could use some uplifting this week. Her oldest son is being deployed this weekend and she is a wee bit stressed out. Love you, Hallie!

*It's snowing, but not like what the DC area is getting! Thankfully we are on the edge of the storm. I like snow for Christmas, but by February, I am looking forward to spring.

*Going to a Superbowl party tomorrow night. I actually love watching the commercials, especially if the Patriots are not playing. I am in charge of dessert, so I am off to see if I can get creative with footballs.

Happy Weekend!

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Mrs4444 said...

See what happens when you wait til Saturday?! You missed the FF rush! haha

I love the mustache fun. I hope you'll be posting pics! As I'm sure you're aware, the fishing family lost one of its own this week; kind of ironic that he would survive that job but die from something completely controllable. Sad.

I had my eyebrows threaded (at the mall) ONCE and will NEVER, EVER do it again. It was like signing up for public torture. Seriously-I could not get over how much it hurt and felt ridiculous paying someone to put me through that. Never, ever, ever again (anywhere).