Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scanning the Day Away....

My very cute sister is pregnant and due in September. My mom, sis and I went and registered the baby at Babies R'Us this weekend anticipating the questions of "what does she want/need". Way back when, when I got married and had my girls, you had to write down all the sku numbers, the price, the color etc... It was a process!


They hand you a scanner and let you go to town. Once I pried the scanner out of Karen's hands, I went crazy! She will be very surprised when people say, "I got it off your registry!". She was painstakingly deciding over what bottles to get, when I snuck into the toy aisle and pretty much registered the kid for toys that will get her through the 1st grade. I might have registered for a few things for my own girls. (Hey, they really like soft blankies....)

The thing that stopped me in my tracks was this

My mom: "Why are you taking a picture of that?"
Me: "Oh, there's a blog post in here somewhere."
My mom: "Oy"

This is how the website described it

For parents wanting to give their baby the very best experience during bath time..

It has a whole demo and everything. It has a shower nozzle and a whirlpool spa with claw feet on the tub. They promote the shower nozzle by saying it, "provides a clean rinse to wash away the stresses of the day." Let's see..... what are some stresses a newborn could have?

My mom didn't get my bottle/boob out fast enough.

I was in my vibrator chair 2 minutes too long.

Change me now! I pooped!

I think the company would be better off making a claw foot spa tub for the MOM! From experience, I know that the mom feels a lot more stress during the day than a baby.

And no, I didn't put that on her register.


WeaselMomma said...

Soon they will be selling gift certificates for baby and pre-existing pet psychologists to get them into therapy early.

Cindy S said...

Does it come with the lovely bouquet of tulips?


Caution/Lisa said...

What is the baby supposed to drink during the soak?

Anonymous said...

You should have added that gift! We gave it to a girl here at work and she loves it! The baby loves it and its so easy for her to use it. She wish she had it for her first born, who is now 10. I'm just saying!

SurprisedMom said...

Funny post. But you are so right, that should be for MOM, not baby. It's amazing what they have out there for babies these days.

Kathy said...

For Mom is right! Looks like a good doll toy too!

Heather said...

Hey, I kinda think it looks cool! hahaha.

That being said, ISN'T IT FUN TO REGISTER?! Curt and I had SO MUCH FUN doing it for our wedding-- We fought over the scanner the WHOLE time!


lisa genova said...

Would it be big enough for me to put my feet in for a soak? :O)

Sarah @ said...


Just the other day, my husband and I were in Babies R Us for something and I was astounded at the sheer quantity of crap. I know we're minimalists and people think we live in the dark ages, but seriously?! SERIOUSLY?! A BABY SPA?!

Also, who knew babies had so much stress? Personally, I think I needed a spa day more than my daughter did when she was an infant lol.

Mrs4444 said...

Obviously not a real mom inventing that thing...