Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Past Year....

Warning: Not my usual funny, sarcastic post.....

I would like to say that in the last year (since the proverbial shit hit the fan), I have become more independent and self sufficient. This, I realize, would be wrong to say because even when I was married, I was independent and extremely self sufficient. I owned my own tools and had no problem drilling holes, hanging pictures, and mowing the lawn. I could fire up the grill and cook a mean steak. I could pump my own gas and take my car to get the oil changed. I got the girls to school, to sports, to music and to dance. I took them away for weekends to visit friends out of town. I kept the house clean, fed the dog and did the laundry.

I was a one woman show.

So being separated hasn't changed things all that much. I still do all those things, but without the anger and resentment that 'someone' is not helping me.

My family living in the same town has been indispensable. They help and don't ask for anything in return. They actually offer to do things without me asking. They have helped me move 2 times in the last year, they have provided hugs and shoulders to cry on, they have always been there for me and the girls. They are the best damn family anyone could wish for.

I have to believe that there is someone out there for me that can break through my hardened, independent exterior and see the real me, who is a little bit unsure of things, lives life to the fullest and has a lot of love left to give.


Anonymous said...

There is someone out there for you, my dear. You deserve to be treated like a Queen. It is your turn. :) Love you 50 million! Nana

scargosun said...

You are so amazing. I knw there is someone out there for you. Just enjoy being YOU for awhile and they will come along.

Jillian said...

You have done a great job raising your girls! YOU have done that! You have also kept your "sh*t" together for them. Now you need to start doing things for you too.
I never thought I would ever find someone like Kurt that would except all my "baggage". And some of that baggage has not come to the surface yet. But I know when you are ready and have let go of that "other" person, you will feel free and be able to open yourself up to someone and he will realize ALL you have to offer!
Sue, you rock and we all know it, now you have to look at yourself and know it too! <3 XOXO

Jen Watson said...

Great families are hard to come by. Not only are you creating a great family with the girls, but you are lucky to have a wonderful family to lean on. Wishing you the best in the year to come.

Anonymous said...

Whoever that person is, when you meet them and YOU decide they are worthy of you, my guess is that all you have to do is introduce them to Sally and he'll sign on the dotted line till death do you part.

Oh. But keep 'em away from Tom.

Lissa Kane said...

Sue -
I know this is an extremely tough time for you, as I have been through it. (Still in it and its been nearly 3 years...)Sometimes it feels like one step forward and two back. Know that time and space will give you perspective and the ability to accept and heal.
You are very lucky to have such an amazing family nearby to help you through it all. Lean on them as you heal and realize all your dreams. Know that a happy future is possible and what you truly deserve.