Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What's On Tv?

While many of you were watching Carol Brady sashaying across the dance floor, I was laughing my ass off watching CBS. My mom loves, loves, loves Dancing with the Stars. She eagerly awaits the new season to see who is dancing, she knows the professional dancers by name and talks about them like they have Sunday supper with us every week. I have been known to watch, but usually get frustrated by the over dramatization of the "players".

Then again, I am not really into too many reality shows. B loves anything that has to do with Kate Gosselin and the other multiples shows (there are a lot!) and K loves Kat VonD. I love the Deadliest Catch, but even that has become way more dramatic than it needs to be. You would think fishing boats on the Bering Sea would be dramatic enough.

My favorite shows have to do with the standard 1/2 hour time slot where I can just laugh. No police shows, detective shows, or serious solving something shows. When I get the time to watch tv, I just like to laugh. This brings me to last night. Whatever one thinks of Charlie Sheen in real life, it should not carry over to Two and a Half Men. It is just a funny, perhaps not politically correct, but funny show. Thankfully the girls were asleep and I didn't wake them up from my cackling.

I am usually hesitant about the new shows, but watched Mike and Molly after 2 1/2 men.

Gut. Busting. Laughter.

Yup, so funny. Love it. Mike and Molly meet at Overeaters Anonymous. Mike is a cop who has a hysterical skinny partner and Molly is a 4th grade teacher who has a dis-functional skinny sister. The one liners were flying. For example, Molly is on the eliptical in her living room while her mom and sister are gushing over a chocolate cake. They offer her a bite and she says, "What do you think I'm doing on this machine? Making butter?"

Now I have 2 nights I can get excited about tv-wise. Mondays and Wednesdays. The Middle was my favorite new show of last year. Then there is Modern Family and Cougar Town. 2 nights of laughing. Just what everyone needs in this world, a little bit of laughter.

Maybe by the end of the fall, I will have abs like "the Situation" from laughing so hard and get asked to dance on Dancing with the Stars. Um, yeah, now that should have made you laugh!


Caution/Lisa said...

I thought the ads looked promising for Mike and Molly, but forgot to watch it. Thanks for the review. Maybe you could remind me next Monday that it's on ...

Anonymous said...

I've found all summer, my nights are spent watching "Everyone Loves Raymond" on some channel (I think its on TV Land), The Nanny and Golden Girls on Hallmark and laughing more now than I did when they were originally aired.

Melisa Wells said...

I can't watch DWTS this season like I wanted to because my younger son is still addicted to "Chuck". (Boo.)

But we LOVE 2 1/2 Men. I'll have to check out "Mike and Molly". Sitcoms are my fave, too!
(can't wait for "'Modern Family" and "The Office"!!)

Anonymous said...

Will have to check out Mike & Molly! Have you seen The Big Bang Theory? OMG I die laughing each week! Just love those nerds!

Donna said...

I like sitcoms too. I like the actress in "Mike & Molly," I think she's really cute and funny. Like your mother, I'm a big DWTS fan!