Monday, October 4, 2010

1-800-FLOWERS Birthday Celebrations!

Thanks to 1-800-FLOWERS, I now know that the majority of birthdays fall in the months of September and October. Perhaps that means many people tip back a little too much egg nog or champagne during the winter. Either way, the most popular birthday is actually October 5th! This is ironic because I know 2 people from HS who had this particular birthday! (How do I remember stuff like that and can't remember what I had for breakfast 2 days ago?)

I visited the 1-800- FLOWERS booth at Blogher this summer and was amazed at the new, fun ideas that they had! They are offering me a review on one of these special birthday celebration pieces to help promote their Deliver Birthday Smiles Campaign!

They will be sending me the cupcake shortly and then I will be able to offer a lucky winner a special treat from 1-800-FLOWERS. That cupcake looks almost good enough to eat!! And check out what else they have to offer on Facebook and Twitter and friend them of course!

Who doesn't deserve a nice bouquet or arrangement of flowers, right?


Claudya Martinez said...

My wedding anniversary is on October 5th. The cupcake is adorable.

Momo Fali said...

That cupcake is the cutest thing! *cough* My birthday is in June *cough*