Friday, December 3, 2010

Frag'n Friday

Mommy's Idea

Fridays are days for fragments. With all the road construction beeping going on outside my house (still!), I am not sure it is possible for me to have a complete thought.

*Thank you for all the birthday wishes for B yesterday! She had a great, albeit busy, day! And the partying continues through the weekend.

*My niece is adorable.

Just sayin'.

*This is the first week I babysat little dude (3) AND his 3 month old sister. Yes, I was tired by the time I left yesterday. Thank goodness I have Fridays off!

*Thanksgiving was delicious and it was fun to be around the family! Even my Uncle Dick came and spent the night! (Hi Uncle Dick! B was excited to get a card from you!)

*Two of the funniest lines that we have been repeating happened in Thanksgiving shows. One was from Mike and Molly when the Senegalese cook said, "You won't eat monkey brains, but you will eat stale bread from a turkey's ass?"
And the other came from Better With You when they turned the last name "Putney" into a swear. "Son of a Putney" is our new swear line now.

*The Glee Christmas CD is excellent and Lee DeWyze's (American Idol winner) first album is good, too. Lee's album took listening to a few times, but now we really like it.

*Anyone get any great Black Friday deals? I went with my friend Lisa at 5:45 am! We were back with a full car and empty stomachs by 1! It is hard to stop and eat when you are busy getting deals!

Have a great weekend!


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my goodness... look at your niece! So adorable...

I have to check out the GLEE Christmas CD - dying for the GLEE 4 CD too!!!

Jen said...

omg your niece is a DOLL!

proud to be a GLEEK :)

Karen M said...

That picture is hysterical!

Bill Lisleman said...

stopping by on a FF blog trip - I wonder what those little minds are thinking when you snap their picture. Maybe - is it time to poop or eat.

Cyndy Bush said...

Oh my stars in heaven above, I want to eat that baby up with a spoon. Thank Goodness my tubes are tied!!!

Melisa Wells said...

Your niece is soooo cute!!

Matty said...

I went to one store on Black Friday, but it was later in the day after the crowds subsided, and it was only by necessity. And yes, actually did get a deal.