Friday, September 16, 2011

Frag'n Friday

Mommy's Idea

Fragments on Tuesday, more on Friday. I guess it's been a short attention span week.

*First off, Tom Brady (New England Patriot's hot QB, as long as his hair is not in a pony tail) was quoted as telling the New England fans to lube up for Sunday's game. The spin the people at Gillette Stadium put on it was that he meant for the fans to drink lots of water. I haven't tailgated at too many football games, but I am pretty sure there is not much water consumed.

*I am very excited for season premiere week next week! Modern Family and the Middle are my 2 absolute favorites. The girls and I are bummed that "Better With You" was not picked up for another season. We still quote that show!

*So, I really should take a picture of the trees in town, but I will try to explain them to you. It's your science lesson for the day. On the Cape, Hurricane Irene was mostly wind. Therefore, the wind picked up the saltwater from the ocean and sprayed it on the south facing side of the trees (and leaves).  There was minimal rain to wash off the sea water. So, now if you drive around town, the south facing side of the trees' leaves are brown and falling off, while the north side of the trees' leaves are green. It's pretty weird.

*If your child invites 2 friends over for a sleepover around 6, don't you think said friends should be here by 8:45? I'm not sure where one is, but one is with her boyfriend of 2 months. I told K let this be a lesson to her. Do not choose your boyfriend over your girlfriends when you are 14.

*On Nate Berkus last season, I remember someone redoing a closet into their "command center". The place where the schedules, school notes, etc would be out of the way to the average visitor. So, I made one for myself today. We have a little closet that is wide enough for a tuna can, that I changed into command central today.

To the naked eye, just a closed closet door and a phone from the 70's (yes, it would work, if we had a home phone number)

Open it and ..... ta dah! Command Central! We each have our own color and our own file folder. Cool right? Just say yes, because I thrive on compliments.

Have a great weekend! I have all of tomorrow off and am very excited!


Anonymous said...

I am extremely impressed! Those girls will get organized yet! Thanks for the explanation about the trees. People were wondering! I love Nate Berkus! and you also. Nana

Betty said...

Very cool, Susan, very cool.

Melisa Wells said...

I LOVE your command center! Will you come and make one for me?

Bill Lisleman said...

don't you know there is water in beer?
creative closet - reminds me of an apartment my BIL had in SF once. His shower was built out of a closet. Weird getting into a closet to take a shower.

Heather said...

The command center is a GREAT IDEA. I think I need to get on that, mainly because we have limited space here and that seems like a really good use of space :)

Anonymous said...

I love the command center! Very nice and creative.

So wait Brady still sporting "super model hair"? Guess he does want to look like Gisele ;)

Claudya Martinez said...

I love your Command Center!

I can't find my blog said...

Love the command center!! I just use the inside of my pantry doors. Maybe I should spice it up a little though? Hmmm... food for thought!

Mrs4444 said...

Love the command center!

I'd love to see the tree pics!!

I never pay much attention to Aaron Rogers (Packers QB), but I was trying to find a photo of him last week for a project, and I became enamored with him--What a hottie!! Of course, my husband is hotter, but still...