Friday, October 21, 2011

Frag'n Friday

Mommy's Idea

*It's bad enough that my appliances are playing beer pong. Now I have to worry about teens soaking gummy bears in alcohol. Yeah, that was on the news this morning.

*Speaking of appliances, I got a new washing machine! It's shiny and so is the floor under it! Little things are important in life :) And no, it will not being playing beer pong anytime soon, she's too young (um, new).

*It's homecoming weekend here, complete with dance and football game. Oh, yes, there will be pictures.

*Last weekend was B's first swim meet since March. She dropped 8 seconds off her 100 free! Yikes!

*It's also Octoberfest downtown this weekend and the chamber of commerce has set up pumpkin people in the park. Any store, family or non-profit group could make a pumpkin person. Here is ours (the Women of Fishing Families).

*A new Barbie has come on the market with Tattoos. Disturbing to a point, but I am surprised that she is drawing more heat than the name of her little doggy, Bastardino. The newscasters couldn't even say the dogs name on air. Oh Barbie, and we always thought Skipper was the tramp.

*Have a fantastic weekend!


Mrs4444 said...

omg. Bastardino? I'm lol-ing, too, because I first typed "Bastardion."

8 seconds?! Holy cow! Saw the Homecoming pics on beautiful!

You also cracked me up over the gummies--My friend was here tonight to help plan our Halloween party, and guess what she's bringing? Gummy Worms--They're not just for kids anymore! :)

Great to hear from you :) Have an awesome weekend.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Aaaaand, it's sold out!