Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Appliances Play Beer Pong

Remember when you were little and you imagined your stuffed animals playing while you were downstairs or in school? (Think Toy Story if you didn't have stuffed animals that played.) Now that I am older, I am thinking that maybe my appliances, car and camera all hang out, play beer pong and decide which one should screw with my checking account and break. They must have gotten really carried away lately because first it was the dishwasher who spewed water all over the kitchen floor. A few weeks later, the maintenance light in my car went on and I thought, "No big deal, I just need an oil change." Well, when I went into the Honda garage yesterday, the man noticed my 10% off coupon and said, "Oh, that will save you about $30." Thanks to my stellar math skills, I knew that meant I was going to be spending $300 on my "oil change" (read: major servicing at 55,000 miles).

I have been having dreams about my camera not working properly and have seen a lot of pictures on my computer that were blurry, so putting 2 and 2 together (see, stellar math skills), I am thinking that I have to send my baby away to get checked out. My camera is like an appendage, this could be very hard.

Last night, I was finally sitting on the couch surfing Facebook on my laptop while watching TV while the girls finished up their homework (yes, a Walton's moment), when I could hear water running into the washing machine. That would have been music to my ears, but I had moments before just heard the load finish. That's right, the washing machine must have lost at beer pong yesterday and it became the next major appliance I need to replace.

I hope the girls understand and appreciate their presents under the Christmas tree this year. B's present will be a picture of the dishwasher, K's will be a picture of the washing machine, mine will be a picture of my camera and the family present will be a picture of the car. Who knew I could finish my shopping by the end of October?


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

UGH! Hate when that happens. Especially, around this time of year (why IS that?!?) It's a conspiracy, I tell ya' :( Another reason why we should be neighbors, I could do you laundry.

[knocking on wood until knuckles bleed]

If my machines are working, I mean (UGH!)

Anonymous said...

No beer pong at my house!!!!! Keep your appliances away. I don't want my "things" knowing anything about yours. Actually, that may be the solution to our Christmas giving. Who would like a picture of our gas fireplace, picture of our teeth, or the hearing aids we both need? Get in line now! They will all be wrapped beautifully. love, Nana

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

First, 100,000 points for best blog post title. :)

Second, ain't that just the way it goes?!? Just when I think I'm getting ahead...BAM. It'll be a smaller Christmas this year for sure, but hopefully a "learn to accept what you DO have" Christmas all the same!

booksandcandy said...

I babysit for a family they just moved and were getting rid of a dryer. We don't need a dryer but when they asked if we wanted it I jumped on the chance to take the dryer because you know as soon as I said no our dryer would break.
Last year I got 4 new tires for Christmas .

Melisa Wells said...

That SUCKS. Truly. Gah!

And the appliances aren't even sharing the beer with you, I bet...