Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Confession #236

I have a confession to make.

One that only came to my realization today.

I am a sour cream addict/whore/hoarder?

Who knew? I had always wondered about my sour cream buying habits, but never truly faced the facts.

Until today, after I went grocery shopping.

Whoops. This is what my refrigerator looks like:

That's right. 8- 16 oz conainers and 2- 24 oz containers. (Only 1 container of light sour cream). If we ate Mexican food every night, this might make sense; we don't.  K eats sour cream with Tostitos. I bake a certain chocolate cake with sour cream. One chicken recipe I make once a month uses sour cream.

Why do I have this much sour cream?

Whatever. At least it is balanced off by two other things I buy in moderation....


janice said...

I love the way you balanced it off.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

Ha ha ha! Sour cream is one of those things I always think I have but never do. Maybe this is the universe's way of balancing that out!

Debbie C said...

so funny, looks like you're going to have to include sour cream in your thanksgiving dinner plans! :)

Betty said...

I truly think you need to seek professional help re
all the sour cream, sweetie. Chocolate, I understand.
Sour cream, not so much.

Melisa Wells said...

I also hoard sour cream! No wonder we're friends!

Mrs4444 said...

I always buy sour cream when I go shopping. Half of it seems to go in the garbage (due to expiring dates). Oh well...at least we're keeping some farmers happy.

booksandcandy said...

Went back to Chatham this weekend. Wish we could have stayed forever.