Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

Yes, I know it is January 3rd, but I wanted to post my Christmas letter if only for myself. I wanted to make sure I had it for posterity sake. Oh, and feel free to sing it out loud, it goes to Jingle Bells.

Flying ‘round the Cape, taking children here and there,
Could I stay in shape? While on my derriere?
Social media is my friend, of writing I am fond,
Photography is a trend, but I need a magic wand.

Oh, silly girls, silly girls, laughing all the way,
Oh what fun we like to have, living near the bay.

B is at the pool, 5 whole nights a week,
She does well at school, while looking mighty chic.
K’s holding court, whether at school, ring or stage
Cheerleading’s her sport, this summer earned a wage.


We saw Bruno Mars, Phineas and Ferb Live,
Both girls look like stars, no braces! Sakes alive!
Traveling can be fun, and we did our fair share,
LA had lots of sun, at people we did stare.


Texas was for jumping, Belugas were at SeaWorld,
Maine often for friends and shopping, thru the year we whirled.
We wish you Christmas gay, A New Year filled with glitter,
Please come visit and stay, or catch us up on Twitter.


Melisa Wells said...

I loved this. You're always so brilliant with the Christmas letters. :)

Anonymous said...

Just too cute!
Happy New Year!