Friday, March 9, 2012

Frag'n Friday!

Come unload your thoughts before the weekend starts! Join Mrs. 4444s and crew...

Mommy's Idea

*Here is a really cool picture of Cape Cod from space...

*I heard a song yesterday that made me think of a conversation from college. (yes, go ahead, it must have been an oldies station I was listening to)

Me: Ooh I like that song! Who is it?
Jamie: Guess Who.
Me: Who? That is the point, I don't know who it is.
Jamie: Guess Who.
Me: No, it's not The Who. I know that.
Jamie: Sue, it is The Guess Who. That is the name of the band.
Me: Ohhhhhhhhh, right.

Funny the things you remember from college.....

*Liz from This Full House is coming to visit me for the weekend! Yes, she is one of my "internet" friends. She wrote about her trip here. I love how blogging has introduced me to some of the best people that I can now call friends. Without blogging, I would never have met these fabulous people!

*Last weekend, we were at Bridgewater State College for a huge YMCA swim meet. I took videos of B (who swam extremely well, thanks for asking), but I also found myself loving this coach from another team. He kept many of us entertained when our swimmers were not in the pool. So, I took a video of him and added a little music....

*Yesterday, my mom and I decided to get cultured and went to a local art center. It was very nice and we saw some beautiful works. On our way there, we passed this yard. It was covered with purple crocuses. So pretty and just the burst of spring we needed!

*Hope spring is showing where you are! Happy Weekend!


Melisa Wells said...

Those crocuses (croci?) are so pretty! I've got daffodils and tulips sprouting. SO EXCITED.

Caution/Lisa said...

I've got nothing sprouting - in my yard at least. Don't you just love the first signs of SPRING???

Anonymous said...

How pretty! No Spring for me. It was 83 degrees today and we're looking at low 60's tomorrow. What?