Thursday, March 1, 2012

To Taxi or Not To Taxi?

I took a few taxis in NYC last week. Yes, I probably could have figured out the subway more than the one time I used it, but taxis are as big of an adventure for people that don't have them in their hamlet. There is nothing like your daughter clutching your hand with fear in her eyes while slalom racing in a taxi at 40 mph.

Not that I have been in many taxis in my life, but they now have little T.V.'s in them with "taxi news" and little SNL skits. They also have a little machine where you can swipe your credit card and pay in seconds. No more rifling through your purse for change and dollar bills. There was a sign in the taxi that said, "Make sure you ask for your receipt". Because the man did not hand it to me after I paid and I was in a hurry to get out of the missile like death trap, I did not ask for it.

Yesterday,  I went to the ATM at my bank to take out some cash. My card was denied, but not, surprisingly enough, for lack of funds. I toyed with going home to check  my account on line, but instead went in. The lovely lady at the desk said that my card was "warm" and called somebody to figure out why. Then she asked me if I had bought something online for $635 at some shop I had never heard of.* My response was sort of a choke, laugh, no noise. You can imagine that, right? Anyhoo, the nice lady cut up my card into a million bits in front of me and ordered me a new one.

Now, I don't know if the taxi thing had anything to do with how my number got into the wrong hands. I am guessing maybe, but I certainly am not knocking all taxi drivers. I am just suggesting that you be very careful with your cards and receipts and be a client of a bank that looks after you!

*Cindy, I apologize for ending 2 sentences with prepositions. Forgive me.


CIndy S said...

I have such a bad rap.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will not sour you on visiting the Big
Apple in the future. I've never used a credit card and thanks to your mishap, will always pay in cash.

Claudya Martinez said...

So glad your bank caught that. Nowadays you have no idea how someone may have gotten your #. Mine was used and I can't even blame it on a recent purchase because it hadn't been used in years, it was for an account I don't use. They caught it too.

Melisa Wells said...

Whoa. That stinks but how great that it was discovered quickly!!