Saturday, September 15, 2012

What I Learned Week 2

First full week of work.
First full week of B's swim practice.
First full week of soccer games/practices.
Tired. Check.

So far, things have actually been going good. My house is not as clean as once was. Oh well.

What have I learned this week? hmmmm

*We are a bag family. There are at least 2 bags per person in the kitchen at any time. Anyone want to build me a bag, I mean, mud room?

*The tables in the cafeteria have seats connected to them and the whole table folds up in half. Kindergartners are fascinated by this.

*Taking your arms out of your sleeves is one way to entertain yourself when you are listening to a teacher talk/teach.

*One little boy told me that he wants to be a penguin.

*The little boy I mostly work with fired me the other day. Thankfully he liked me again the next day.

*When toileting, he told me he needed help because his bunions hurt.

*Pay day is a highlight :)

*I had to go to music class this week. It was like I was back in elementary school with Mrs. Romberg. Ta Ta Tee Tee Ta It's amazing that my girls are musically talented.

*I am in the lunch room every day and the things kids bring for lunch is amazing. We are a pretty basic food group family. In the last week I have seen dried seaweed, ham/cucumber/cream cheese wrap, hummus, lots of veggies, and have opened more Gogurts than I care to remember.

*My gym has not changed in my 3 months absence and they didn't throw me a party or hand me a cupcake when I walked in the other day.

*Is it necessary to scream/hoot/holler when your team is up 5 nothing and proceed to score another 6 goals? Yes, K's team got smoked yesterday by a team double in people and size. Thankfully no one got hurt!

*The best part of the week is waking up on Friday to a text from Liz saying that she and her kids are invading Cape Cod for the weekend. Time to go wake them up!


Melisa Wells said...

Yay! Enjoy!!!

Liz said...

[yawn] just 5 more minutes...

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful weekend, congrats on getting through your first full week of work :)