Friday, February 8, 2013

Frag'n Friday

Mommy's Idea

Perfect day for a Fragment Friday.

*We are getting a bit of a storm tonight and tomorrow. Maybe you have heard about it? put up a great picture of our friendly storm, Nemo.

*My sister braved the wind and went down to the Lighthouse and snapped a picture of the storm flags.

Me, I have been using every appliance that uses electricity before the power goes out. I have baked brownies, made pot roast, done the dishes, still (always) doing laundry.... Of course, it is still just snow/raining here. We had a half day of school and the Governor has said that there shall be no driving after 4:00. Obviously, he is in Boston because he may not have made that severe of a rule if he were down here. Guess I better return kids to their proper homes and pick up one of mine before 4 :)

*We had a busy weekend planned with a swim meet and a music concert, but they have all been canceled. Now there will be plenty of time for sledding as long as the no driving ban gets lifted before the snow all melts.

*I have a few cracks in my thumb and fingers from washing my hands so much. At school, a kid sneezes on me, I wash my hands. I finger paint in art, I wash my hands. Someone looks at me, I wash my hands. I might bleed Purel at this point.

So these cracks are more painful than childbirth. How can something so small be so painful? I cringe when I have to tie a shoe, open some one's snack, zip a jacket or reach to grab something. It's so stupid that it is so painful. I may just soak my hands in lotion all day tomorrow.

*My brother lives outside of Boston and could be slammed with more than 2 feet of snow. The man (haha, I wanted to write "boy") loves his landscaping tools and his snowplow more than the average man. This was our exchange earlier today....

I have no doubt that he was waxing and polishing it last night and the reason his neighbors will be excited is that he gets so overzealous, he plows them all out, too!!! I wish he lived next door to me!

*Stay tuned.... I am sure that I will have some storm updates and pictures as the weekend goes on! If you are in the path of this cute little fish, I mean very scary storm, BE SAFE!!


Joyce said...

My husband likes to use the snow blower. Of course he complains it's not big enough, but we have someone plow our drive. He only needs to do the walks and porch and make a path for the dog.

I won't be driving here. I'm in Northwest NJ and it's snowing hard here now. I'm making soup and have my electronics fully charged for the if/when.

Stay warm and safe!

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Which reminds me, I totally forgot to get gas for the snow blower...DAMMIT!!!

Tracy said...

I read about special kinds of cream for hands and feet that are super cracked. Of course I can't remember the name of it for the life of me. Maybe at Walgreens?

Anonymous said...

Try some liquid only stings for a minute and it won't wash off. As for the kids, everyone tells FB that ours have great manners and help with chores away from home......maybe start a new trend and swap with the other parents?

Unknown said...

I love Cape Cod in the summer. I cannot imagine being there now. I cleaned out the pool today, and I briefly ran the air-conditioner to cool off a room. Yet, it's pleasant, and not too warm. Be careful.