Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shhh, I Love Snow

In the separation, I got the girls, he got the dog. Sometimes, though, I get the dog, too.

That is how I found myself on an early morning walk today in the new fallen snow.

Shhhhh, I love snow. It's not something I can shout from the rooftops around many adults, but give me a room of 6 year olds and I would become the Grand PooBa.

Something about the snow brings out the kid in me. We walked on an untouched bike path; Gretel sniffing through every bush and me making interesting footprints. That's right, if someone were to go out and follow us, they might be wondering what the person belonging to the big footprints was up to. I walked sideways, I marched, I dragged my feet and I walked backwards. I stopped at a circle manhole cover and made a smiley face. Because I had a dog with me, it seemed more normal. I am pretty sure I would not have gotten up early and walked around on the bike path to make footprints without her and if I did someone might have called the police.

I loved snow as a child. I skied, I sledded, I made snow forts, I threw snowballs, I ice-skated on ponds...winter was fun! As an adult, it is not as fun. I picture the grayish people in Frosty the Snowman complaining about the snow when I think of adults and snow. When it snows, you don't call up your adult friends and say, "hey let's go make some funny footprints". Adults have to worry about the shoveling, the snow on the roof, the icy steps, the unplowed roads, basically, you have to be RESPONSIBLE.

There is not a lot of snow on Cape Cod in a typical winter. I have grown to accept this. Well, at least I have repressed my childhood love of a great snowstorm and realize that the Cape has more sand than snow.  That is, until it snows a little and I find myself outside in an untouched yard and lay down and make a snow angel.

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Tara R. said...

Love the snow angel! I've tried to make sand angels, but it's not the same.