Thursday, March 7, 2013

Crash and Ouch

Today was a first for me. Well, sort of a first. I got in a car accident today. I have never hit another car until today. And no, it was not my fault. Let me paint the scene...

Rainy, windy, crappy day and B was checking out a high school in the area. I dropped her off there and experimented with a new way to get to work. I was only going about 25 or so when a little car took a left, while driving at me and way to close to me. I knew, no matter how hard I slammed on the brakes, that I was going to hit him. I slammed the brakes, closed my eyes and evidently protected my face with a karate chop to the airbag with my forearm.

I thought my car was on fire when I looked at the airbag because some sort of smoke was coming out of the steering wheel and the smell was atrocious. I basically jumped out of my car. The poor kid came running over to me telling me it was his fault. I felt like saying, "no der", but kept it to "are you ok?". Wound up, he was late for school and was trying to get their quickly. I have to give him credit for wanting to be on time. The police came, the ambulance came, my car was towed.... I hopped in the ambulance to have my arm checked out. I knew it wasn't broken, but it hurt like heck. That's when I realized that I karate chopped my air bag. I looked up and my friend Debbie was randomly knocking on the door of the ambulance. She said, "I saw your car and couldn't leave you here alone and then I thought what are you doing in this neck of the woods?".

It was nice to have a friend there. I was pretty shocked by the whole incident. Then, I got to check out my car, laugh at all the M&Ms that spilled all over the front floor mat, go to the insurance company, talk to insurance people and get a big hug from my mom. She insisted I go to our local fire station to get checked out again.

There is nothing like walking into your local fire station wearing the same color jacket as your mom and announcing that she made me come. This does not compare to the story I wrote about my sister visiting the same fire station.

I am getting my blood pressure taken while my mom is answering questions.

Name? She gives her name. I say, "I think they probably need my name."
My mom, "Really?"
Fireman, "Um, yeah."

Seems that I was fine as long as I had some ice and Advil. They didn't suggest the wine I had tonight, but I couldn't think of a better pairing with the Advil.

Actually, I made a cake, too. Seriously, what goes better with a car crash where no one gets majorly hurt and wine and Advil?

Poor baby....


Mrs4444 said...

Glad you're okay! Keep the ice coming (on and off, of course); you'll be glad tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you are ok!. Did not hear about the wine but I am hoping the ice was on your arm and not in the wine! Feel better. xxxooo's Nana

Anonymous said...

OMG Goodness Sue! I'm so sorry this happened. But relieved you are okay. I hope you are feeling better today. Sending you lots of hugs! xoxo

Tami said...

Ouch is right! But you kept your sense of humor about the whole thing!! Glad it wasn't worse!