Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Love Mud?

I felt I needed to be on hiatus for a bit after the bombings at the marathon. I didn't feel right writing about anything good or bad or indifferent. And there has been a lot of good in the past week and a half (A. LOT.), trust me.

Saturday, I spent the day cheering on the MacMudders at a Muck Fest located at Fort Devons, in Ayer. My sister, brother and a bunch of excellent (much braver than I) friends and family ran a muddy 5 mile obstacle course in honor of our friend Steve who has MS and was diagnosed in his 20's. I volunteered to be team photographer, trust me when I say that was a good move!

I have to say my brother spent quite a few minutes debating on whether or not this obstacle was a good idea. I give him credit, I would have happily skipped right by it.

The cute factor kept me busy for the hour we couldn't see the course. R had lots of good advice for Fin, Fin enjoyed some fresh leaves and R was practiced her dance moves on the infield.

Everyone in this race was amazing.  Here are the MacMudders crossing the finish!!

Take that MS!

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Anonymous said...

Saturday was such fun and everyone was such a good sport! Even the babies wondered about their crazy parents. Good going MacMudders! Nana