Friday, April 12, 2013

Frag'n Fridays

Mommy's Idea

This issue of Friday Fragments is dedicated to Kelly who told me she loved FFs the other night and I didn't even know she read my blog.

*The 5 year old that I mostly work with at school said,
"I don't feel good."
I said, "Where don't you feel well?"
And he said, "In my feelings."
Love that kid.

*April vacation starts in 6 or so hours. Ahhhhhhhhhh......
Although, B is going to Florida on Monday and K is going on Thursday and I am left here. This would be more enjoyable if the weather here was like last April vacation when it was so warm I went to the BEACH!

*In art class the other day, the teacher asked the kids to draw flowers in a vase in Sharpie and then watercolor them. One of the boys drew dead flowers in a vase.

*We love Duck Dynasty in this house. B thought wearing this vest while watching the show might make it more authentic.

*This made me think of my friends Elizabeth and Debbie who live in Pencilvania. Thank-you second grade.

*Flat Sue is living the life in California right now. She had lunch with famous blogger and actress, Lisa Arch, yesterday.

You can follow the adventures of Flat Sue on twitter at @FlatSue or on Facebook. Also, Melisa who is traveling with Flat Sue right now is posting pictures on Instagram @melisalw. Of course, I will keep you posted here.

*Have a wonderful weekend! :)


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Pencilvania...LOVE IT!!!...I believe the weather will be in your favor, next week...enjoy :)

Tami said...

I live in Pencilvania too. LOL
I like the 'dead' flowers. The water colors are so pretty! =)
Have a great weekend!

Tami at Pretty Purplexing 

Unknown said...

Your Frag'n Friday rocks today. Love the pencil in Pennsylvania. Makes sense to me.

Stacy Uncorked said...

Awww! The 5 year old doesn't feel good in his feelings! So precious!

The dead flowers in a vase cracked me up.

So - did you get the vest? :)

Pencilvania - that's priceless!

Summer Heat in April, Easter Egg Salad, Spelling/Grammar Police – Friday Fragments

Bill Lisleman said...

zeroing in on internal parts not feeling well is tough for adults so this sounds like a great answer from a 5 yr old.
No idea what Duck Dynasty is but I'll assume it involves duck hunting. Women duck hunters?
Flat Sue - funny idea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sue! I love FF's. Today's was really sweet... and funny... xoxo