Monday, February 10, 2014

Once a Blond, Always a Blond

The blond moment I had last week was when I got in my car after work. Bobby had taken my car to the garage for an inspection sticker. When I got in I immediately noticed it. It was pretty after all. Pink and yellow looking, but not the typical number '2' I was used to.

I wondered how I was going to remember to get it inspected in February of next year without the 2 and what did the A stand for anyway?

When I got home, Bobby asked if I noticed the sticker.

"Sure I did. Thanks for getting that for me. It's prettier than the old kind, but what does the A stand for?"
"Um, Sue, it's an R as in rejection."
"Oh." wait 2 beats "Oooooh, crap!"

Looks like new tires are in my future.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should have a fund raiser! xxxooo's

Anonymous said...

That looks like an A to me too! LOL!
They need to be more clear. :)

Tami said...

PA doesn't have those type of stickers. If your car doesn't pass inspection you don't get a new sticker and risk the possibility of getting pulled over by the police and getting a huge fine.

I noticed my drivers lic expired in Nov. Oops!