Monday, March 17, 2014

An Ode to the (Never Ending) Winter

Should I blame the weather guy?
Or maybe the atmosphere or the sky?
This weather really blows
And has since I don't knows.

I love snow, oh yes I do.
I love to ski and sled with a crew.
This year it's been below 20 degrees,
I call uncle on this winter, please.

A 40 degree day with clouds or sun
I am not that picky, I'd feel like I won.
The bone chilling cold is wearing me out
I want to stamp my feet, yell and shout.

3 more days until "spring"
It will surely make the birds sing
But no, it may snow next week
The 10 day forecast looks so bleak.

My cheeks are sallow, my skin pale,
If only for a tan, my body does wail.
I have sat in a driveway in my beach chair,
Blocked by the wind with sun on my face and hair.

I take every bit of warmth I can find
A heater, a fire, sun through a blind.
Fleece and warm fuzzy socks,
3 layer bundled up walks.

My flip flops are crying on the shelf,
Will it ever warm up to put them on myself?
My toes are so ugly right now,
Begging for a pedicure, I mean, wow.

Some day the sun will shine,
The temperature will cooperate and be fine.
Then, too soon, it will get too hot,
Can we ever be happy? Probably not.

It's goes with the territory of living in the northeast,
Less sun/more sun: angry temperaments released.
Oh, to have a dry 70 degree day,
Yes, there is always September or May....

Until then, we wait and we wait,
We busy ourselves with our chilly state.
We find pleasures in small gifts like a sunset,
While we bundle under a blanket and turn up the gas jet.

1 comment:

Garth said...

You complained too soon, so I'm sending you a nor'easter' to remind you to be nice.