Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Homework Blues

Labor Day 20-14,
No need for the sun-screen,
The children are locked in their rooms,
Summer Homework equal their dooms.

I try, I really do
To tell them it's easier to
Complete it in July,
And they ask me "Why" "really, why"?

And in my wise old brain, I think,
Am I crazy? Just have a drink.
Wouldn't it be smart to finish early?
Their gaze it seems so surly.

So, they worked and played,
They partied and sat in the shade.
They went to the beach,
They ignored my speech.

I read one of their books,
It was death, sadness and crooks.
Trying to read another,
I'm trying to help, I am their mother.

No matter, I am no spark notes,
I dream of oceans, sand and floats.
I cannot recite the setting or plot of the book,
Maybe they should actually take a look.

Stupid teachers*, I curse,
Why this summer homework? I converse.
Can't our kids just work and have fun,
This summer homework will never be done!!

They need "summer reads", I declare,
This means light, fun, without a care.
No taking notes, no writing essays,
No reciting poems, no shoebox displays.

Summer AND reading should be fun,
The stress level should be none!
My poor babies, will they ever learn?
For them to love books, I truly yearn.

But once again, the days before school,
Are spent cramming, it seems awfully cruel.
One day they will learn to just get it done,
Then our Labor Day will be nothing but fun.

*Just as a disclaimer, I am a teacher. I LOVE teachers. I just don't like my kids' summer homework....


Melisa Wells said...

LOL The universal struggle...

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Word! My kids are cramming for the first day of school, too :)