Saturday, January 31, 2015

10 Things Learned From Juno

It's been a bit snowy here this week. Ok, well 18-24 inches of snow with 4-5 foot drifts, it snowed a lot here this week. Cape Cod kids are lucky to get a day off of school never mind 3-4 days off in a row!! 

Some things I learned this week?

1. Here is the perp from "deflate-gate". Very suspicious finding a deflated football at the beach in the winter.

2. Speaking of balls, I am not sure this glove will be unfrozen until July.

3. My sister is snow crazy!

4. The snow does not fall fairly in our neighborhood. My house was covered, my sister's house, not so much.

5. The sea is not very fair in what it takes during a storm. There was a very picturesque boat house on these pilings before the storm. Now, there are just pilings.

6. The light at the Fish Pier is so nice late in the afternoon. And after a snow storm, it is even nicer.

7. The sea taketh, but also throws up a lot of debris where it is not welcome (aka parking lots).

8. We will not be eating on the outside deck of the Wild Goose Tavern anytime soon unless they transform it into an igloo.

9. Our favorite spot on earth survived the storm. Big sigh of relief.

10. Sunsets on the day after the storm are MAGNIFICENT!!


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Once again, I am in awe! Beautiful pictures! You should go into business. Love, nana