Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Unicorn Kind of Day

What is a unicorn day? A day that goes so well it surprises you. It's a gift really and I feel that they are few and far between ESPECIALLY in January. Well, the other day...

I had a 'rainbow pooping' unicorn day! Yes, it was that good. 

It started off with Bobby and I going to Boston for my annual check up appointment. My Doctor (who I have gone to for the past 30 years) told me I was a 10 out of 10. I'll take it! 

Underneath his new office is a Wegman's grocery store. I would have to describe it as nirvana, or a cross between the looks of Whole Foods and the prices of Market Basket. The amount of fresh food they had to eat in the store or to take home was amazing. The produce was amazing, the bakery was amazing, basically everything was dreamy. Side note: You know you are an adult when grocery stores are described as dreamy and you can see enjoying yourself for hours in one.

We then drove to our favorite place in the whole world, Maine. We were able to spend a fun hour and a 1/2 walking on the beach, walking through Perkin's Cove and driving through Ogunquit. It was sunny and freezing, but totally worth the drive!

On the way to B's swim meet in Bridgewater, we got gas for $2 a gallon! Thank you BJ's in Portsmouth!

B had a great meet and won all 4 of her events! On the way home, I was craving ice-cream (shocking) and we got lost, but found a Friendly's! 

Seriously, I do not have days like this very often. It is unrealistic to expect them, but when they come, I make sure I appreciate them!!

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Melisa Wells said...

I love that you can just "drive to Maine". Sounds like the perfect day!