Friday, February 20, 2015

Oh February...

Back in January, we had no snow,
We joked how winter was a big no,
We wore cute shoes and didn't slip,
We could go out to dinner and not trip.

Then February came. Ouch, what a slap,
Our driveways became an icy trap,
Many snowbanks are now above the first floor,
We may never again use the front door.

We've missed multiple days of school,
Decreasing our summer time in a pool.
We've shoveled so much, our biceps are strong,
Who needs the gym, free workouts aren't wrong.

The bitter chill has settled over the Cape,
We brush snow and our windshields we scrape.
Our feet have not seen anything but heavy boots,
We only eat chocolate things, definitely not fruit.

On Facebook, snow pictures have turned to throwback pics,
Beach scenes, bathing suits, summer sunsets in the mix.
Elsa is seen on Post Office walls as "most wanted"
Kids wearing "Frozen" shirts are now taunted.

Snowbanks have taken on a life of their own,
Town snow budgets have been blown,
When will the last of it disappear?
Hopefully soon, but as of now it's unclear.

The good news is the clocks move ahead in 2 weeks,
The extra sun will feel good on our cheeks.
The arctic cold will hopefully dissipate,
This is something we can anticipate.

Our thoughts will turn to hamburgers and grills,
Painted toes, flip flops, summertime thrills,
Beach towels, swimming, castles in the sand,
Bikinis, sundresses on bodies that are tanned.

Not much longer now Cape Cod,
We will be thawed.
Enjoy the longer sunny days that soon will be,
Holding on to a positive attitude is the key!


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

YES! I. Cannot. Wait. Also, you write good.

Melisa Wells said...

I love when you write poems. Also, this winter can suck it.