Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valerie Who?

I promised myself I would write at least 15 minutes a day for the next 2 months. Not necessarily a blog post, but just writing.

It's hard.

Send the whine-bulance, seriously. Or wine-bulance, take your pick.

There are so many things that are so much more important, but I guess it is surprising me how hard it is to think up something to write every day.

Maybe it is just hard to be clever every day. I guess everything doesn't have to be clever, but I like to make people laugh, think, be amused.

Currently, I am sitting in a room with 3 teenagers watching a food channel program with kids and baking and Duff and Valerie Bertinelli.

The teens know Valerie by being on Jenny Craig commercials and Hot in Cleveland. 

I was like, "excuse me, she was married to Eddie VanHalen".

Teens: Blank stares.

"Seriously, who doesn't know who Eddie VanHalen and VanHalen are? And she named their kid "Wolfgang"."

Teens: Crickets.

"She was also on One Day At A Time."

Teens: More crickets....

Teens; they really do have so much to learn....

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