Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kent's Point

Some people go on walks to exercise. You see them in their workout clothes, some pumping their arms, some listening to music, some looking angry. The purpose is one of getting fit/staying fit.

Bobby and I go on a lot of walks. I would most definitely say they are not of the serious work out type. Ours are more of regrouping, finding new things, taking pictures, finding rocks, seaglass or shells. The fresh air and exercise are bonuses.

Today we went on a walk at Kent's Point in Orleans. I didn't bring my camera or my phone for that matter, so no pictures from me. What I noticed on today's walk was the smells and sounds. Of course they are 2 things that I cannot "show" you. The wildflowers smelled delicious, they were white. The marshy ocean area smelled heavenly and the lilac bushes were lovely to look at and smell. Throughout the whole walk, we could hear the waves hitting the outer beach. While things were relatively calm where we were, it is amazing to think of a stormy sea a few miles away. Then there were the birds. Or course, I am not a bird woman and have no idea which bird makes which sound except for the woodpecker that we could hear. The others just sounded like little songs matching the crunching of the leaves and pine under our feet.

The walk has a lot to offer in the fact that it is mostly wooded, but you can also walk on the beach and enjoy an inlet with many boats. Lots of people walk there with their dogs. So many people, that when we got there a woman with a lab asked us what type of dog we had with us. We were just there to take some breathes and catch up on our day.

A shot from a fall walk at Kent's Point.

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