Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy 19th K

Nineteen years ago, I was wearing a similar outfit to today which totally cracked me up when I realized it this morning. Leggings and a long shirt: my uniform of pregnancy and evidently my outfit today. Some old habits die hard. 

Dear Kelsie,

What a year it has been for you!!! (and me, but I will try and make this most about you). While many of your classmates graduated and jumped to college, you took a different route. Honestly, you have rarely taken a traditional route and I applaud you, even though I have held my breath through many of your adventures.

You have worked on a commercial fishing boat at 4 in the morning, driven across the country, lived with a different family, found a job, commuted to said job and made a bunch of new friends. You have had to deal with plane reservations, a car accident, budgeting money, feeding yourself and doing your own laundry. You know how to make a plan and execute it. I am truly proud of all you have accomplished. I know that there were bumps in the road this winter and they were totally understandable. It's not easy adulting (even at 49).

Even though we now live 3000 miles away from each other, I am still your mom and your biggest supporter. I love you millions and cannot wait to see you next month!
Happy Birthday Sweetie,

Love Mom

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