Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Evidently, my lovely children and my husband don't really understand the meaning of Mother's Day. Is it so hard to take the controls for a day, just one day, and not complain about it? Ok, granted, I do like to be in control and do things myself. Why? Because I actually get them done. How hard would it have been for my husband to actually sit down, look at me and ask me what I wanted to do with my day? How hard would it have been for my kids not to have whined once today. The answer to that is VERY HARD. Well, one was at a sleepover last night and the other was at the Maritime Festival (more on that later) until 10 with me and dad. So sleep was hard to come by last night, but really, could you suck it up for one day?

I am sure this post is very different from the other mother's day posts out there. I am imagining them lovely and poetic. I am not complaining about being a mother. I would never trade being a mother for anything. I love my kids till the end of the numbers. I just feel that Mother's Day gives a mom expectations that are too far fetched to come true. Maybe I am too nice and do not demand things from my DH and kids. But, since I am always thinking of everyone else and what would please them, why can't they do that for me? My DH spent 4 hours riding horses today. My dream man would have asked me, "what can I do around the house today, honey?" My DH managed to squeeze in a trip to the dump. Since the odor from the garbage was permeating the walls into the house, I feel I was completely justified in putting my foot down with that request. We have to move out of our house in 3 weeks because it is rented out for the summer tourist season. This entails packing up A LOT of our stuff, moving some stuff to other house, hiding stuff in basement and cleaning and organizing stuff left behind.

This seems like a very whiny, ungrateful post. Not one I enjoy or am use to writing. Maybe I am just exhausted. Maybe Hallmark should back off on the stress for the one day that Mom's can call their own. Maybe next year instead of expecting my dream day to appear, I will do what I do best and plan it myself. Either that or start whispering hints into the horses' ears to give to DH. I think they have a secret language between them anyway.


scargosun said...

Men! If we had kids that is probably what P would be like too. He gets upset when I tell him what to do but left to his own devices he is a notorious procrastinator.
I know they appricaite you though. Can you say anything about it? I am glad out got it out here but if you don't say something, I WILL when I meet you all. ;)

Anonymous said...

We had a similar day. The highlight was the trip to Costco and yes, the counter tops were still covered in dirty dishes until I - ME - NO ONE ELSE HELPING cleaned them.

Is your election this week?

Wineplz said...

yeah, mine was kinda crummy, too. Husband finally got home from Alaska and promptly slept. I agree that if he had just helped me a little yesterday I would've been happy and grateful. Oh well...I suppose there's always next year. ;)

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Thanks ladies! I was a little frightened to see what I would get as comments, but you guys rock as usual!

Yes, my election is on Thursday! The local newspaper endorsed me, so hopefully that will sway the voters!

KathyLikesPink said...

I had the same kind of day. The only one at my house who wished me a happy Mother's Day was my daughter's BFF who spent Saturday night!

Thank goodness my church had a Mother's Day Brunch or I would have had a PBJ for lunch. Because I was NOT cooking on Mother's Day.


Wendi said...

I am glad you wrote this post.
It was a nice break from the perfect sappy world into one I could relate too. I completely understand!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! (belated)

Jules said...

I guess he's showing you he loves you in his own special way, right?
Mine was kinda the same way, as well. Luckily I adore scrubbing the bathrom and vacuuming and cooking and recieving "virual" flowers and "virtual" chocolate.