Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dashing Thru the Kitchen?

I stated my expectations early yesterday, hoping that "Santa's watching, you need to help me clean up around here" would be enough. HaHa. All I had to do was mention Santa and the girls decided to reenact the big night complete with Santa, sleigh and 2 reindeer. 

This is what they said to me, "Get your camera ready. This will be great for your blog." 

This whole thing went on for over an hour, it was quite involved. In this first picture, you see the back of Santa's sleigh with lots of gifts. Please notice Melisa, they put in a tiara just for you!
Next, we have Santa B trying to help the lead reindeer K convince reindeer G that this was going to be great. Santa can't move much due to his overstuffed belly. He kept demanding cookies and milk every 5 minutes!
Reindeer G took a break from the action as Santa and his reindeer trot off through the kitchen. Notice DH in the background with coffee. It was a very long day for him. Hear the pity dripping sarcastically from my words? You have to read previous post to completely understand.
After an epic turn around in the hallway, it was back into the family room. (There you will see DH on the couch, where he spent a good portion of his day saying, "Never again...")
And here we have the team complete with all the kinks out of the system and ready to ride on the 24th. 


Vodka Mom said...

That is so adorable!!

(Sassy is good. I guess. HORMONAL and RANTING like a LUNATIC, but good. :-) )

Mary Ellen said...

That was awesome! Someone in your house has a real future in theater!

Melisa Wells said...

Your kids' creativity kills me. I love the sleigh!!!

scargosun said...

You have amazing, creative kids. :)

Mags said... original! I love it.