Friday, September 25, 2009

Frag'n Friday!

Friday Fragments?

Mrs. 4444's once again keeping us on our toes and making sure we blog at least once a week. Here's my week...fragment style.

*Been a crazy, emotional week. Please forgive me for not blogging. The way I look at it is that you all had one less blog to read this week, so I actually gave you some free time. Yeah, that's it.

*Went apple picking on Sunday with the girls and my mom. We persevered through the bridge traffic and made it off of Cape Cod. We met my brother at Honey Pot Hill Orchard in Stow, MA. The girls had a blast climbing trees to get the highest apples. The highest apples were rumored to be 'the tastiest'. I think the orchard people tell the kids that so they don't have to climb to the top themselves and pick the apples.

*Had a diagnostic mamo on one boob this week. It has been sore, which in boob talk is a good thing. (Breast cancer doesn't usually 'hurt', so they say). It got felt up, squished to a pancake and ultrasounded. It's all good though when at the end they say, "Everything looks good, see you in 6 months." One theory is that the pain is caused by caffeine. Weird because I don't drink caffeine. BUT I eat a lot of chocolate. July and August seemed to be a time where I increased the chocolate intake which they think caused the pain. Who knew?

*I am due for a new phone. Any suggestions on one I can get online with and text with easily? I have Verizon.

*We are moving across town (again). We have moved/relocated so much in the last 5 years that we have run out of friends saying, "oh let me help you!" I don't blame them. I would run and hide if I saw me coming, too. Here is the questionnaire I sent out for people to figure out why we are moving.

a. We are setting a Guinness Book of World Records for sleeping in the most houses in C-town.
b. We like messing with peoples' address books.
c. We want to be close to school, so the girls can walk and I can sleep in.

d. We couldn't get cell phone reception in our house.
e. This house cuts Matt's commute time by 6 minutes.
And for the record, no we didn't buy another house, we are renting. I am sure there will be lots of rumors as to why we are moving, but if you want to know the real reason...... call my therapist.

And that about sums it up for another exciting week of fragments. I promise I will get back to my preferred activity of writing and reading blogs soon! Don't give up on me! Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I DID offer to help! (just not with moving furniture.) But I can help pack, unpack, keep lookout for creepy neighbors, bring dinner, etc. Seriously! Jen

Evansmom said...

If I lived closer, I would help! Really. Good luck!

Heather said...

I will fly there to help. Okay, not really, but I thought it'd be cute to offer.

AND YOU HAVE VERIZON?! We are IN girl. You need to text me! I think I emailed you my #'s but then again, things have been kinda crazy this week, yanno?

I'm glad everything with "the girls" looks good, I was thinking about that today.


Mrs4444 said...

I love that you checked in with Fragments :) Apple picking is fun, but then you have to cook with them, and I'm too lazy for that part.

Glad your boob drama has ended well. Will it be difficult to choose between chocolate and boob comfort?

I think the LG Slider is next on my phone list. Nice screen(s) and a full keyboard, but not too big. Not sure if Verizon works with it.

Good luck with the move. Sorry I can't be there to help. (just kidding, haha)

SurprisedMom said...

Busy week for you. Moving is not fun. I would help if I didn't live halfway across the country. Really.

Your therapist wouldn't tell me anything . . .

You just reminded me how overdue I am for a breast exam. I am not looking forward to this. Glad your exam turned out well.