Wednesday, November 18, 2009


OK here I am sending my first post from my blackberry. The reason? Because I am sitting in a meeting for school comm people from around the state and I have made some astute observations (while knitting).

*First I think we all know how I feel about sitting in a rOom with sneezing, coughing ppeople. Enough said.

*Do not answer your cell phone while sitting in the middle of a row of people who are trying to listen to the speaker.

*Many of the people like saying "respectfully" and "politely" to the chairwoman.

*i think this meeting and many others I go to would go much quicker without motions, seconds and discussions.Well discussions are OK, but not if you are getting up to the microphone to hear yourself speak.

*2 women are discussing their love lives.I wish they would speak a little louder.

*Crap, I just sneezed. I feel the need to stand up and tell everyone I have bad allergies.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if you stood up and told everyone you have the flu, they would let you go home! You should have worn one of your designer masks!
Love, Nurse Mom

k a t i e said...

LOVE the last two!

Tara R. said...

Yeah, I would have gone with the flu excuse too. And, would have asked the two 'lovelorn' ladies to speak up.

Vodka Mom said...

sounds like you were dying a slow painful death.

LOVE technology, however, that saves us from TOTAL boredom!!!

Heather said...

ha ha ha ha and how did you post from your bb? was it an app, or did you do it from the web? i'm thinking this would make my life easier ;)