Friday, December 18, 2009

Frag'n Friday!

Mommy's Idea

Go see what holiday cheer Mrs. 4444s has going on this week. She is a busy girl! and so am I evidently, because I forgot today was Friday! Ugh!! So here goes, some thoughts on a frag'n Friday....

*We are due to get a big storm tomorrow night! Yee-ha! Cape Cod does not usually have a white Christmas, but it is looking like this is the year for it! Yes, any snow bums people out to no end, but I love it! I also love making snowmen, sledding and sshhh, even shoveling! Don't let the shoveling thing get out because I might find myself shoveling every grannie's walkway within a 5 mile radius!

*The secret santa thing that I joined up to do with Georgie and Amy has been very fun! I have not received my package yet, but I am loving seeing what everyone else is getting. For more information you can click on the SS link at the top of the page. I also have clearance to tell who I had the pleasure of being a secret santa to........Drum Roll Please!

It has been so great learning about Justine and her life in Florida! She has 2 sweet girls that could probably be pretty good friends with my girls if we lived less than a 3 hour plane ride away! So surprise, Justine, and the offer about switching sides for your secret santa, thoughtful, but not necessary!

*Lisa Genova (Still Alice) spoke at a fundraiser today for our kids' jump rope team. Damn, that girl is a great speaker! Very engaging!!!! And we got a sneak peak into her next book that she is more than half way through writing, but not coming out until a year from January!!! How am I going to wait for another year before I find out what happens?

*Christmas is coming fast and furious. I went to the mall yesterday to look for one thing and the deals were just so fantastic I had to buy a few more things for the girls (ok and 1 thing for me). And my email box is full of frantic last minute internet sales. For a girl who loves a bargain, I am having a hard time convincing myself not to buy things!!!

Have a great weekend and remember to breathe!!!!
Let it snow, let is snow, let it snow!!!!!!!


Justine said...

I had a stinkin' suspicion it was you, but ahhhhh... it feels so good to know for sure! You ROCKED it girl! ROCKED IT!!!!

Aw, I want some snow! Can you FedEx some in dry ice to me?

Justine :o )

Unknown said...

I too am a lovah of the snow which we do not get nearly enough of...

Sue I have corresponded with your sss exchange partner-she had a family emergency BUT is shipping Thank you for baring with us...

I cracked up when Justine said that about switching teams so so soooo funny!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I love snow, too - we had to shovel and grit our road today to be able to get out (but at least we could get out, because it was only light snow).

Mrs4444 said...

I wish I had money to spend on all of the AFTER-Christmas sales! My goal this year is to "get 'er done by Thanksgiving next year (fat chance.)

We've still got plenty of snow left, and I'm not sick of it yet (which is good, because I'm sure there's a lot more to come!)